Energy Drink Commercial Contest

Cheetah Mountain Madness!

our entry is stuck at 3 stars and voting ends on the 31st! we’re hoping to get it up to a least 4 stars before the end of the month, obviously 5 would be way better!

if you guys could help us out with a vote it would awesome!

thanks guys and gals,


Done. The public vote only counts for 15% of your total score, so don’t get too worried by it. Hopefully the judges will like it and you’ll get a pile of points that way.

i r voted!

it really has energy :slight_smile: high five

u got my vote!

You got my vote! Twice :sunglasses: I really think this should win, good quality, uni-que(:)) and the editing is pretty cool :smiley:

I voted.[RIGHT]bump[/RIGHT]

You got my vote, done!

You got my vote! 5 stars!


thanks for the support guys!

voting ended last night so now we wait…

Do you know when you get the results?

between today and nov 15th … basically waiting for an email or a phone call.

Hope you get it :smiley: You should put $5000 into something cool to push unicycling

Hope u win guys

got my 5 star vote :smiley:

For sure man! I agree.