endurance training diet advice

I was wondering what kind of advice you guys have for specifics on what to eat, or what not to eat while endurance training. I have never really done any activity that requires the leg muscle strength that uniing does, and I want to build my strength and endurance. Obviously, I know one key would be to ride a lot, which I do, but what about diet. I assume lots of protien. Any tips would be great.


Protein will help build your muscles, but plenty of carbs are essential to sustain your energy. Stay away from “junk” carbs like refined sugar and corn syrup. Whole grains, fruits, and vegetables are good sources of carbs.

other than ride a lot, um, even if you aren’t thirsty DRINK! seriously. also good complex carbs in the morning and at night will help you sustane energy. Protein is most important after you exercise. obviously stay away from too much fat(though a little would be fin) but yeah, google some more specific info. there’s tons out there.

you have to drink before, during and after you ride. make sure you drink all often, you should never get thirsty. its good to eat pasta or something with lots of carbs a few hours before you go as well.

a good rule of thumb during excersize is one bottle of water (or equivelent) per hour, and food every two hours

We get so involved that we forget to drink sometimes. I’ve taken to setting my Timex Ironman Triathlon Indiglo watch to beep every 5 minutes so I’ll remember to take a sip.

Also, if its MUni, I always take a trail mix bar out there with me. As NAUCC attendees will confirm, the heat in Memphis will sap you quick. Its no fun “hitting the wall” 4 miles from the car. A little fuel in your pocket can be a day saver. Nice to have a nanner back at the car too.

I know one muni-er who NEVER takes ANYTHING with him to eat during a muni ride-regardless of duration-which is typically 3-4 hours in 90 degree heat and equally high humididty! I cannot fathom this, but it seems not to be a problem for him. For me, I take at least a couple boxes of raisins, maybe a cliff bar and/or banana when I need the added boost.

if you’re going on a hard ride, it’s good to eat something sweet and sugary after youre done. Also, before you ride, probably THE best thing to eat would be yams, a.k.a. the sweet potato. seriously, my nordic ski coach would try to make us eat them in the morning the day of our race. But if you like yams, that shouldnt be a problem.

i guess this kind of strayed from the topic, but it made me think of yams. steak builds protein. 'nuf said.

Hammer Nutrition has lots of stuff that help you before, during, or after a workout. Such as Hammer Gel, it’s small and handy and gives you electrolytes and protein, all that good stuff. Then there’s something called “Heed” which is like Gatorade, but has more electrolytes. My dad and I use those sometimes. It helped a lot in the heat at NAUCC! They have more stuff, but those are the two main things. (My dad is a Dietitian, he knows all the technical terms, I don’t.)

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Whenever I’m going to do any sports requiring strength and/or endurance, be it whole day of skiing, hiking or whatever, I eat an oatmeal before – so thick, that you can stick a spoon into it and it’ll stay vertical :slight_smile:
It gives you a good deal of energy. Then take some grainy, sweet snacks
to eat during your exercise/trip/whatever; and of course water!

And during long-term exertion, as some wise guy said:
drink before you’re thirsty and eat before you’re hungry

Yep, do dynamic stretched before the rides, and static stretches afterwards. Eat plenty of pasta type foods for energy, and drink tons of water, then go to the bathroom before the ride. On the ride, always sip water, about every 5 mins take a gulp, nothing big, but not too small. About an hour into the ride, eat a energy bar, or whatever snack your bringing.

I found that to constantly sip water, and eating something about ever hour, and the food and stretches you have before the ride, really help. =p