Endomondo Challenge: A Unicycling / Unicyclist / Unicycle Fall Challenge

Endomondo Challenge: A Unicycling / Unicyclist / Unicycle Fall Challenge

Distance must be tracked through Endomondo.

Lets see how far we can all go!

Oh my gawd. I want that clean canteen! But I only have a 24", and I have different injuries on both feet, so taking it easy. Probably only 15km a week, lol!

(psst, have you seen this?)

Yep. That’s part of why I created the challenge. Bummer about your injuries.

I may create another challenge that is time based for those with smaller wheels or that are more into trials and street. For now though, this is the challenge. All for fun. I know there’s a bunch of riders on this forum that could blow this challenge away… but I’m hopefully we have a real mix.

I’ve got something similar going, but I’m a Daily Mile user (for almost a year now). Don’t really want to start up with a whole new workout log. They don’t have a unicycle category either but I just split my Unicycling mileage as “Cycling” and anything else under “Commute”. I’m mainly a runner so I like DM. Good luck!

It was a bit of a toss up for what program to pick. There are a bunch out there with various features. Pretty amazing really.

I know there’s a handful of unicyclists on endomondo, and a previous competition (I’m not sure who started it). For now I’m going to keep the wheel rolling there. All for fun anyway and hopefully it will act as an incentive for those that want to ride more but need a fun push. :slight_smile:


I’ve used map MapMyRide a few times but will try it.

Cool. Thanks for joining. There’s still plenty of time to join, and hopefully things will get a little more interesting.

Last day before the compeition starts. Enter now to start on par. :smiley:

Ok I’m in. Why not? I doubt I’ll be an Endomondo regular as I’ve been using Daily Mile / Nike+ for a while now and don’t want to use a whole new workout logging site. But the occasional challenge is ok. Too bad Endomondo doesn’t allow importing of Nike+ directly like Daily Mile does… I’ll guess I’ll have to do it manually. I can post links to my Nike+ or Daily Mile GPS uploaded workouts if need be.

I’ve been averaging over 100km a week for the past couple months so should take me less than two weeks to hit 200km.

Good luck everybody!

Looks like we have some pretty serious distance riders in. Awesome. It’s going to be an interesting competition!

OK, I’m in! For me, it’ll be completing the challenge, not winning. My riding has taken a back seat to other priorities this month, but I really want to get some serious riding in before the snow hits. I figure 200k (124.79 mi) is as good a goal as any. Plus, I’ll be incorporating a steep hill to practice on for any mountain races I decide to enter next year :-/

Awesome! The more the merrier. If I can dig something cool up I may add a random draw prize. Make it some kind of minimum etc. Just having fun with this.

Game on!