Endless Winter

I think this winter is never going to end! It snowed again today. Some people like riding in snow, but I don’t. There’s also ice and it’s so cold! I registered for Downhill, Uphill, and the Cross-country muni events at the convention, and I really want to start practicing. I suppose Spring will have to come eventually. :slight_smile:

Does anyone else really want winter to be over?


Re: Endless Winter

Although I have gotten to ride in the snow a small amount this winter, for the most part the bad weather has significantly cut into my riding time. Yes, I want winter to be over badly. The one time though that I’ve done some extra riding is while waiting for my car to warm up in my company’s parking lot; I’ve gotten to practice riding backwards and hopping a bit.

Glad to hear that your USA membership has kicked in and you’ve gotten a copy of OOW. Think about contributing something. :slight_smile:

And it’s great that you have the convention to look forward to. I always look forward to the LBI Unithon.

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

Whats snow?

Shut up…

I actually dont mind riding in the snow as long as it’s not too deep. and this winter it’s only been about a month and a half that has been snow covered. Yesterday I went riding at aout 15º F in shorts. It was actaully quite comfy until it got dark and windy.

Yeah, Scott – shut up!

And you shut up too, Mr. Max_TCUC! Most of us don’t have a place to ride INSIDE.

I like riding in the snow but I hate the extreme cold. Bring on the warm weather! I’ve had enough cold and ice. Sweating in 15 degree (F) weather – glasses fogging up. Hidden patches of ice underneath the snow.

uni57 (Dave)

lets not forget how crappy it is to ride in the sweltering dog dayz of summer.

empty camelbax
sweating to an early grave
crotch rot :astonished:
sweating (not like a pig)

What is this snow you speak of? Is it anything like sand?

Of course you all could be dealing with 80 degree winters and 90 degree summers. Not to mention the constant 70% humidity. Throw in the salty, rust inducing air and you have a perfect riding environment. But, I’m not complaining. :roll_eyes:

A few words from the kid from Hawaii.


Everytime I start to complain about the weather, and what feels like the endless winter, I just look on the net and see what is happening in Minneasota and then thank my stars that I live in Memphis. However, here we have that endless summer complaint, too! (95 degrees, 97% humidity, empty CamelBak, blazing sun, 4 miles to go - I can’t wait!) It all good.


This is not me being disagreeable or deliberately contrary, but I actually enjoy riding in the 90+ heat even with humidity. I just make sure I’ve got lots of water with me.

When I was learning to ride we had some really hot summers in NYC. I remember a fellow I used to ride with hitch-hiked down to Tennessee; he was back within a week complaining that it was too hot down there. I wished I could have gone myself. :slight_smile:

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

By then, everyone will have forgotten about this thread. And we will complain about the heat.

I sweat while riding in 15 degrees F. I’ve never ridden in the summer, because I just started riding in October. Not sure what it will be like, but at least my glasses won’t fog up (It’s nice to see where you are going).

uni57 (Dave), looking forward to the sweltering dog dayz of summer

I used to thrive on the heat. I used to boast that I was,indeed, solar powered. Then I started muni-ing. I used to blast through the woods on my cyclocross bike for hour upon hour. The thing about muni that sort of took me aback and surprise was the lack of cooling becasue of the 4-6 mpg breeze from riding. LAst spring, my first muni spring, I was shocked when I actually had to stop and take a break. For a host of reason, muni-has its own challenges related to the heat/cold. Likewise, one reason that I discovered unicyucling was that it was so much easier to get a ride in during the winter months because the wind-chill didn’t kick my tail as it does in cycling.:o

Did I once mention the indoor riding in this thread, NO. SO WHY BRING IT UP?

what’s wrong with snow
I’m only riding on the snow

4-6 miles per gallon breeze? That’s got to be some pretty crazy air you’ve got down in Tennesee!

It is awfully humid here most of the time.

Tomorrow (Sat Mar 8) Weather in Memphis
75 and Sunny. Winds 12 mpg.

Our first real Tickle of Spring.


I really like riding in the winter. I’ve only grinded in the winter. Today Jeff tried a 6-set handrail(my wrong side :frowning: ), and on the several falls, i’m sure he would have been hurt, had it not been for the snow… everywhere. Snow is good. you try stuff you wouldn’t normally try. It makes places (trials Lines) you’ve ridden at 100s of times, a bit of a challenge again!

i’ll post some videos later, when my batteries are charged.
Have a happy and safe unicycling winter!


Sorry! I was just kidding – in an envious, “you’re so lucky” kind of way. It was meant to be very positive. Will these help? :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

And I brought it up because it was relevant to the discussion. You have the perfect cure for the cold weather AND you belong to the greatest unicycle club on the planet. I’m very happy for you, even though you yelled at me.

uni57 (Dave)

Sorry. That was, of course, meant to be “mph.” However, the air is so thick here it should be measured in gallons during the summer.

I hate the winter. Its cold, and icy, and stupid. I WANT IT TO STOP, SO I CAN UNI!!! :angry: :angry: :angry: