End of Year Talent Show

Hey everyone. This is nothing crazy special, just my kids submission to their end of year Talent Show at school. My daughters intro is self explainitory. She is 8 and he is 10. They are by no means unicycle prodigies but it’s a cute little video.

Soo cool, how old were your kids when they started learning? I hope my daughter will one day be interested to learn. She is 4 and just learn to ride a bike, since 3 weeks.

Beener, have to disagree with you on this one.

Seems pretty crazy special to me. That’s pretty darn cool.
Great video.

Thanks, there are just so many really talented freestyle kids out there, that mine just riding, might not be that big a thrill. Anyway, they have loads of fun, and so do I. The problem is that I need a new giraffe now, as my son has claimed mine, full time.

My son was about 6 when he first tried, he got pretty good, but then lost interest. I didn’t push, I just always had unicycles around for them, and sure enough, he got back into it around 7. He learned to ride at 8, and then tackled the giraffe at 9. He learned to juggle at 9 and has just adapted it to riding recently.

I have an awesome 12” uni that I might put in the trading post, but you are welcome to PM me for more info.

Thanks for sharing. Keep having fun. =)