Encounters with Vehicles

Post your close encounters with motor vehicles here and give a brief description.

I think it was about two months ago, I ended up on the hood of a car. What happened was I was riding along the sidewalk of a one-way road, going the opposite way of traffic. A guy ahead pulls up on a connected road with the intention of turning onto this one-way road. So I ride into the crosswalk, and when I’m in front of his car he starts moving. Well, it takes him a second to realize that I’m on his hood, so he stops and I actually kind of slid off the hood and landed on my feet (with the bag I was holding still in my hand). I checked my uni, it looked okay, so we both went our separate ways. It’s pretty obvious that he hit me because he was only paying attention to the traffic on his right side since it was a one-way road. Well, I sure learned my lesson: ALWAYS make eye contact with drivers! :sunglasses:

I have had three close calls, all on my coker and out of the city.Frist one i had a hillbilly drive past and I heard his truck turn around at the corner and he gased it as he went up the hill past me rather close and He said something but I didnt catch it.Second was when i rode faceing traffic and a car coming from my rear turned beside me a driver behind him pulled into my lane and didnt see me untill it was almost to late. I looked back in time and rode into the ditch as he tried to not take me out. The funny thing is he never stopped! Next trip I was riding to my state park to meet my wife and kids, I left first to get a head start on the family and about half way i hear a car coming down the rode,no big deal, then just as it passes me the horn blasts and I almost jump of my coker! I look up to see my lovely wife and kids waving as they fly past me in the truck.So nice !

My encounter with a vehicle.

I’ve never been run over but I have had my pedal taken out by a mexican in a lowriding truck on my way to work he didn’t see me and pulled forward as I was swerving around him trying to aticipate how far he would pull out and his bumper was right at pedal level and it snagged my pedal and I went flying.

In late august of this year, I was cruising on my coker on the side walk and just about to cross the street on a green light, when an old woman in a covertable decided to pull out in front of me. I was lucky to have enough space to hop off my wheel, turn around and hit the side of the car with my back. I wasn’t injured at all, but it really taught me to be more careful and aware of cars.

A better lesson would be: don’t ride on the sidewalk, or on the opposite direction from traffic, if you’re moving faster than walking speed. Cars will inspect the area directly at the crosswalk for pedestrians, and then (as you noticed) look for car traffic on the street. If you’re moving faster than a pedestrian, you will often put yourself in a position where you’re moving into a danger zone when a driver isn’t expecting you.

36er Sidewalk riding

Have to agree with the no coker on the sidewalk rule, coker speeds are too much unless you are going as slow as a walking pedestrian. Always make sure at intersections that you see the eyes of every turning car if your in their path.

It’s almost as dangerous as all those people who ride their bike on crowded sidewalks