EMU Pictures (May 03)

I’ve put up some pictures of the EMU rides last weekend.


On Saturday, we had Mike and Luke Hinson, Joe Rowing and Chris Dalton (and me obviously) and we did a supposedly lazy ride. First we rode the regurgitator, a new and rather steep uphill section, designed by some whippet XC racer, no-one managed to clear this steep uphill singletrack trail. We then rode summer lightning, which is lovely and twisty and in the best condition at the moment, really fast and woody and twisty. Then we hit deliverance, which is the most silly downhill I’ve ever attempted, it starts off with two sneaky bombholes and then basically goes down a cliff in two big steep switchbacks, with the added fun of roots and really tight turns in the middle of it. We had some good crashes on this, Joe R slid halfway down the trail and Mike did a comedy tree grab crash (see the photos). Then we were lazy and parked up somewhere else and rode (walked) up Leith Hill and round the sort of bmx track thing on the top and bombed back down over steps and steep bits and stuff. We followed that up with some really lazy riding, we parked up in Peaslake, at the bottom of a lovely downhill called Reservoir Dogs and Mike, who was having some back problems at this point, ferried us up the hill to ride Reservoir. Not once, not twice, but three times we whooshed down the hill, by which point Luke and Chris were also tired out and didn’t want to ride it again. Joe R and I had one more ride down it at absolutely full speed and then headed off to poach some naughty trails. I’d had the idea that Box Hill would be a good trail to poach, it’s steppy and kind of closed to cyclists and incredibly steep. At the bottom is a river, crossed with stepping stones, which the more sensible of us decided to cross on foot. Joe R however thought it’d be cunning to hop them and promptly fell in. After he fetched his unicycle out of the river (yes it did float) we headed up what seemed like an endless hill, only to discover that it was in fact a very short hill when we rode it downhill which was rather annoying, but quite fun anyway!

Come sunday and both other Joe and I were pretty knackered from all the riding we’d done the day before, so what better thing to do than go riding with a biker. We’d tempted gravity karma a little bit too much the day before, so there was to be no naughty shuttling up hills or anything on this ride! So off we went, this time infiltrated by an evil two wheeler, also called Joe, leading to a slightly confusing ride where everyone was called Joe. We did a big cross country blast, taking in loads of good trails and lots of cake. We found some of the north shore has been destroyed which sucks. There’s one big trail with lots of bombholes all in a row, 4 big ones and then about 20 little ones, I managed to clear all except for one of the big ones, which was two more than ever before thanks to taunting Joes at the bottom of them, I was pretty chuffed with that. We saw some jump kids riding some lovely jumps on the top of Leith Hill and getting proper air like which was cool, although led to Joe R doing in his ankle again riding the steepest downhill there. The best bit was when we finished off by riding the bombhole trail followed by Telegraph, a long really fast xc trail that follows a line of Telegraph poles, knowing we were parked near the end we rode this absolutely flat out, at one point it goes into a rut and then a sharp turn and drops down about 10 feet all at once, at which point I was going absolutely as fast as I can ride and just cleared the side of the rut and got the turn, it was one of those nearly catastrophic moments that totally gets the adrenalin flowing. Sometimes fast but medium technical trails are absolutely the best thing.


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Heh… it was confusing enough with just two of you, let alone three! :slight_smile:

Good photos… looks like good fun.


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Well, are you suprised? JOE is the bestist name the the whole wide world! :stuck_out_tongue:


Great write-up Joe… Me & Luke really enjoyed coming…

Your EMU pictures show some of the trials really well:

Who’s coming next time? (Surrey - Southeast UK)