EMU London (UK) Weekend 22nd-23rd Feb 03

Hiya everyone,

just a little note to announce a weekend of rides in London (the one in the UK) on the 22 and 23rd February 2003.

These will be for riders of almost all standards, as you can always catch the tube if you get too tired and meet us further on. Basically you need to be able to ride forwards and freemount okay, nothing much more is vital. We won’t be doing any scary road riding or anything like that. Pace will probably not be too extreme as there’s lots of stuff to play on while waiting for any slower riders.

However, if you’re a bit more silly, there’ll be lots of trials obstacles and general urban sillyness available en route. London is a pretty good place to do this kind of thing and we’ll ride through many of the classic places for urban riding. I’ve ridden the rides I’m planning before and I’ll try to link up a whole bunch of good bits.

Purely by coincidence the rides also go past quite a few major London landmarks, Tower Bridge/Tower of London, Wobbly Bridge, St. Pauls, Tate, South Bank, Eye, Cutty Sark, Buckingham Palace etc. Unicycling is a wicked way to come up to London and see the sights.

I can arrange accommodation for a limited number of people if you want to stay over and ride both nights. There are also lots of youth hostels etc. in London for about £10-20/night. If anyone’s staying over I’ll probably arrange a night ride of some sort, probably via a pub or two.

I’ll post more on the rides later, but the two I was thinking of were:-

Saturday - Greenwich (15 mins train from Waterloo East / London Bridge) by Cutty Sark. Through foot tunnel under Thames to Island Gardens, ride to canary wharf. West to Wapping & Tower Bridge. Cross tower bridge and along river to the London Authority building. Cross London Bridge and ride back streets to St Pauls. Down St Pauls steps to wobbly bridge, over wobbly bridge to Tate Modern, finish at Anchor Pub just east of the Tate. Train back to Greenwich from London bridge if anyone left a car parked there.

Sunday - Waterloo. To Southbank, ride around there a bit on all the fun bits, West to Westminster bridge & over to Parliament Square, through St James Park to Buckingham Palace and play on the fountain, stairs etc. until nasty men tell us not to. Then either through hyde park then south to Chelsea bridge, or straight to Chelsea bridge, to Battersea Park, finish at the Prince Albert pub on Albert Bridge road. Trains back to waterloo from Battersea Park / Queenstown Road.

The sunday’s route (2) will probably be somewhat shorter than the Saturday one, so if you’re worried about keeping up, come on that one.

email news at joemarshall.org.uk if you’re interested, or for more info.


I’ll be there doing some silly things to the beautiful land-marks of london :slight_smile:

Very tempted… not sure what I’m doing that far ahead, but definatly tempted.

I would have liked to attend but cannot make that weekend :frowning:

sound good to me

i’m up for it

it’ll be my first non solo outing on a uni

just a reminder about this.

Details on the front page of http://www.unicyclist.com

This saturday, meet Greenwich 11:00am at Cutty Sark,

This Sunday, meet at Waterloo Station by the top of the escalator that goes down to Eurostar from the main line station) 11.00am

We’ll hang around a little bit, but If you get there late and miss us, phone me on 07905 696427 to find out where to go to catch up.



Who’s coming then?

looks like there’s gonna be about 5 or 6 unicyclists daring to brave the (hopefully rather good if it’s anything like today) winter weather this weekend. Anyone else umming and ahhing, get yourself out, they’re gonna be good rides and pretty much anyone will be capable of riding them and best of all it looks like it’s going to be great weather for it, I spent this afternoon sat outside a pub on Clapham Common it was that nice.

I’ve popped out and spyed much of the route again and it was indeed a lovely ride and I fell off lots trying things that were rather beyond my ability. I’ll buy several pints to anyone who can ride the foot tunnel stairs, canary wharf has several innovative ways to injure yourself too.