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EMU hockey from this Tuesday…
edited the hours play into a little clip, added some

here you go


oh, a BUC clip is up there too…


Andy parry

in case you where wondering why Will chased the ball with such commitement (just prior to allmost getting taken out by the cross bar), is because… when there are less than 10 players on the pitch, we play that you can only score inside the ‘D’, watch the super slow mo reply to see what a great goal it was…

Nice little clip but two minutes from an hours filming, surely you can put together a longer version with a few more goals and UPD’s? Though non can top Will’s goal or Roland’s ‘launch’ for entertainment value (they’re great in slow motion :D).

Its definitely a measure of how much we’ve improved as previously I’d never had the ability to attempt such an audacious accident but now I’m confident that as a team we know where each other’s going to be, Gary knew I’d have seen the gap and would have gone for it and it was like poertry that he managed to cover it and step bravely in where wise men would have feared to tread - so from a group of disparate individuals we’ve become a tightly integrated bunch of hockey players with almost ESP like abilities to create accidents where before there were none - the next movie will be almost Jackie Chan like in the level of stunts that we will no doubt attempt. Roll on movie #2- oh and the hockeys got a lot better as well

I am unconvinced about the use of the term ‘UPD’ here. I thought UPD was created to differentiate between those times when you just can’t quite stay on and step off the unicycle in an almost controlled manner from actual crashes, which imply pain, leaking of important fluids and generally limbs flying all over the place wether attached or not. Some of the dismounts on that video really aren’t done justice by ‘UPD’.