EMU Hockey Tournament – short report

The first EMU hockey tournament was held on Saturday 2nd July 2005 and I think it’s fair to say it was a success. The weather was good with some cloud cover but not enough to stop me from getting tanned and there was a slight wind to aid cooling though I still sweated buckets.

There was a good turn out and we decided to go for scratch teams to even things out as it was for fun, not at all serious, and the winners were team C, the team I was in :D. After the tournament we had some even less serious scratch games with whoever had some energy and didn’t have to go then it was BBQ time.

I must say I enjoyed it and I hope everyone else did as well. I think we only had two broken hockey sticks (one of which was on its way anyway) and no major injuries. I had to do some stretching on Sunday as my leg muscles were tight though I doubt I’m alone in that but they’re fine today and I’m ready for tomorrow nights hockey practice :slight_smile:

I didn’t manage to take any photos/video as I was either playing, recuperating, re-energising or re-hydrating so if anyone has some post them up please.

I look forward to next time.


Well said Gary - just to add my twopenneth…
Yep - what a day - thanks to everyone who came along and helped to make it a success. I think that we’ll definitely be doing it again although such was people curiosity that we actually play outside all year round meaning under flood lights in the winter that I wonder whether a night tournament sometime around the winter solstice might be the next outing for a night tournament - just an idea - If anyone is about to suggest that we do it with bike lights theres no need I’m even prepared to splash on the floodlights.
But yes, it was a fantastic day - all age ranges, all skill levels (from 1.5 weeks unicycling experience) - some of the usual suspects some new faces - 25 players in all and a goodly numberof non -playting specatators. The only drawback from the EMU standpoint was that we got new goals for the occasion that we’re a different size to our normal ones and as a result non of the local players could hit them - we’ve never had the problem before…

So, in the 9 months that the EMU’s have been playing we’ve got a weekly club hockey evening going with about 20-25 different people who’ve played and a regular weekly attendance of 15ish, semi regular muni and road rides and organised a tournament all of which has been very rewarding. So… wheres the next tournament? or make sure that you’re very keen to attend a night halloween hockey spectacular :slight_smile:
If anyone has any feedback about the day as to what they liked/didn’t like then let us know and we’ll try to improve next time



Thanks Roland and the rest of the EMU’s for organising and hosting an afternoon of uni hockey followed on with a barbie. I did find myself struggling a little with the outside surface, but on the whole it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. Having 25 of us turn out was a good number I thought as we didn’t have to wait too long before the next game.

It was a nice touch with the two gazebo’s, drinks and food. Thanks also for the complementary EMU uni stickers for all that turned up. The t-shirts were also a surprise for the winning team. Again a nice touch.

On a negative note, I think you need to do something about the hole size in your new nets as sometimes it was a little unclear whether the ball had actually gone in or not. For the ones that don’t know what I’m talking about - the holes in the nets were larger than the ball. I’m not sure how you can overcome this one though. Answers on a postcard please, or just reply by the usual channels.

I’m not sure if anyone else made use of the showers there, but they were nice and hot and with your own private changing rooms that are opened on request - and all very clean. It was certainly very needed and welcome after a long, hot and sweaty afternoon of hockey.

Thanks again for organising things guys. BTW, the DUC in Manchester will be hosting a tournament later in the year. I’m not sure if we’ll have stickers and t-shirts, but it will be indoors (not that that was an issue or anything).

I’m afraid I only took the one photo and here it is. The Le Mans style start of the first game.:smiley:

Yes, I’m having problems attaching the photo. It wasn’t the best of photos anyway. :thinking:

By using the showers you’ve probably done our repuation the power of good - I don’t think that the park rangers think that we ever wash as we’ve not used them thus far. The lack of the photo means that at least the innocent are protected which is always a good thing - on the net size, I shall be keeping my eye open and hopefully have that sorted before too long failing that I shall attempt to engage some of the nations fisherman in some off season net making activities.

Good to hear that there’ll be a Denton tournament to look forward to in the near future - obviously the indoor pitch will be detrimental to the EMU skill levels that will be on show - be we’ll struggle on quietly;-)

Best wishes

The man who will soon be seen trying to squeeze various hockey balls through the available nets in local sporting goods emporiums

Ooh, looking forward to that as well :slight_smile:

Cheers, Gary

sounds like a marvellous occasion
i would still dearly love to be part of a south african delegation to lend an ‘international’ air
i realise that competition will be tough, but i back us to have more fun than u

u don’t use a tennis ball?

From what I know after talking to a British guy, when his club play they use a hard ball that does not bounce all that much…In fact, we used to use that ball when we started out…I dn’t know what its called or what sport it is actually used for…We use tennis balls now.

sounds like it’s an Indoor Hockey ball
i have about 20 of them lying around the bottom of my juggling bag
bought them for a contact juggling workshop at a convention one year
and tried some UniHoki with htem, i prefer the non-tooth-taking-out characteristics of a tennis ball

the last tournament I played in I took to wearing 661’s in goal… I knew I would look like I’d been caught in a meteor shower otherwise.

so, is it only the LUNI’s who play with a tennis ball in the UK?

and back to the hard ball, haven’t u ever had problems with a shot being deflected and the ball flying head-height towards players?

we’ve had a couple of black eyes - but the balls are fairly lightweight - they’re street hockey balls not indoor field hockey balls so are much lighter and the ones we use are cold weather balls so are fairly squishy so its not too much of a problem - We’ve tried with a “flat” tennis ball but it was still too bouncy and to be honest, I wouldn’t particularly feel any more happy about being hit by a hard struck tennis ball than by one of the street hockey balls.

Not sure if the LUNIs do use a tennis ball as the ones that came to the tournament seemed very happy with using the hockey ball - the only real problem we had was that people who are used to playing indoors on hard wood or tiled floors found that the slightly grippy rubberised surface of our outdoor pitch took a bit of getting used to.


and there, i believe, lies the rub
i’m going to look out for some street-hockey balls and give them a go

i don’t mind the bouncyness of the tennis ball
it does become a bit of an issue when u’ve positioned yourself perfectly to intercept a long pass and u miss the bouncing ball cause your ‘forward defensive’ cricket skills aren’t quite up to scratch

Haha… and thats why I love tennis balls.I’ve payed cricket for years and it always seems to amaze the rest of the guys when you intercept the bouncing passes…

LUNIs always practice with a tennis ball, but we’re happy to play with either at tournaments. So far as I know we’re the only club in the UK who practice with a tennis ball, but then the UK seems to be the only country in the world who still use the hard plastic balls.

Sorry I wasn’t there on Saturday, I was at work of all places. :frowning: Note to self - never do anything important at work on a Friday, especially if there’s a chance it might not work.


Re: EMU Hockey Tournament – short report

On Mon, 4 Jul 2005 14:19:03 -0500, steve.colligan wrote:
> The t-shirts were also a surprise for the winning team.

What T-shirts? Looks like I left too early, but my family were getting
a bit restless by the end.

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