Emu 3

Wow -that was fun

Thanks to Phil and Joe for a cool

My Knee is killing me still but is getting better and my ankle is finally terminally knackered. Sure signs of a fun day.

Report coming soon - suffice to say it all got a bit mad with the “Extreme Coneing”

Indeed… best ride I’ve been on in ages, despite the fact that this morning I am moving somewhat slower than usual and have many more bruises than before!

Videos of the cone silliness, and a picture of Joe doing a truly HUGE drop, are here: http://www.unicyclist.com/gallery/albup72

More photos will presumably appear when Joe (the blonde one) uploads them…


That was very conical.

some more pictures


was indeed fun, am getting to the point where I believe I can learn grabs properly now, so I must do lots of practice on that and seat out.

Coning is really incredibly stupid in a good way. As well as the trials moves Joe demonstrates in the videos, there’s 360s (& more) on the corner of the base - easy to start off, but hard to land without falling off, rolling on it’s side whilst standing on top, stillstands and loads more to master. I think it could become part of a whole range of sports under the banner of freestyle pootling. Which is basically pootling around and doing silly things on objects that happen to be there. Today I did some coning, some jumping & balancing on bollards and some balance stuff on some rails.


Cor. I’ve only just noticed how wonderfully colour co-ordinated I was, with my stylish and fetching combination of different shades of red. Yeah, baby.

The photo of me jumping onto a block next to a blue car cleverly misses out most of the large, expectant crowd and the fact that I dramatically crashed directly after it was taken! It would have been a nice example of rolling out of a drop had there been anywhere to roll to; the uni went over the edge and I ended up sitting on my rear at high velocity on aforementioned block. Owww… :astonished:

I actually like seeing pictures of people crashing. It makes me feel a bit less carp… :slight_smile:

Back to cones… this is Joe about to do a monster 360 degree spin off the wall. To the max!!!



As we speak Joe is pouring over plans for a lightweight carbon fibre traffic cone with stunt handle and an extra-grippy base. Extreme Coning truly is the sport of the future.




from the looks of that picture i bet you have a nasty cheek seperation or at least a small tear :slight_smile:

My rear now sports a fairly smallish bruise… I didn’t really notice that until we sat down for a drink before calling it a day. What did hurt was my left hand… I’ve now got a marvellous big bruise on my palm, just below my thumb…


I’m going to try grinding next

I nearly have the modified cone done - then we’ll see what can be done.

The writing isn’t on the wall, it’s on the beach…