EMU 3 - 22 Feb - Second London Trials Spectacular!

10 am - Waterloo station - by the eurostar

Be there or be a rectangular thingie


22nd February?

I’m very interested, as I’d imagine a few other people are (Joe! Yes, you!) but I’d need to borrow someone’s time machine first…

I shall assume that your website is right and that it’s actually the 22nd of March. Which is nice, because my term has finished by then. Woohoo!


Although I wasn’t planning on taking my trials uni home with me. Aaargh! Decisions, decisions. Risk parent wrath, or attempt (and fail) trials on the muni? Hmmm.


I like doing trials on a muni, cos then I have an excuse for being crap.

You could always take just the trials uni home and see if they notice the wheel has changed size.

If you brought a 24x3 then we could ride fast and laugh at Joe R trying to keep up on his onza! Spin, spin spin.

I shall almost certainly be there by the way.


There’s not really room in the car for both unis, so I was going to take the muni as (a) it’s better for general stuff and (b) I can go muni-ing with my brother.

I can only just do basic trials on the smaller one, let alone the big one! I shall find some way to take them both.


confirm date

i’m up for a lark again if it is the 22nd of March

i’ll be on my 24x3 again as she’s all i got

Yes - Ok deliberate mistake spotted - DOH

22 March - waterloo station - I plan to play around along south-bank and generally take it slowly.

Perhaps do some more beach riding even.

BTW I think a 20 will be ok - I plan to take it slowly as we did on the sunday last time - and I really want to clear that gap over at the Tate

Attached is useful safety tip for anyone coming on this ride - remember kids, don’t take any chances!


copy of dsc00437.jpg

Was it just me who read that and thought “Surely using the stairs is safer than sliding down the handrails?!”


Where did you get that?!

  • We still on for sat?

I picked it up at a squat party in an ex signmaking place


Cool - see you there