Empire State Muni Festival: June 13-15, 2014

Bindlestiff Family Variety Arts, Inc. and the Hell on Wheel Unicycle Gang present the first Empire State Mountain Unicycle Festival.
June 13-15, 2014 at Beebe Hill State Forrest, (in the Columbia County town of Austerlitz, NY)

Three days of off-road one wheeling in the hills of the Empire State.
Camping will be available at near-by campsites.
Stay tuned here or on Facebook for more details.

Any updates for this?

I’m planning on going. Not sure where I’m camping.
Any schedule planned?


if you haven’t seen it yet already

What’s the registration fee for?

Quick reference to the info from the website…

Spectating is free to the public. Registration is required for all participants. And for insurance purposes, all participants must also be members of Unicycle Society of America. You can become a member on-site.

MUNI Fest registration: $10 per day / $25 for all three days,
USA Membership: $20 for individuals / $35 for families
Donations are also appreciated

Schedule: details coming soon.

Housing possibilities:

Near-by hotels:
Chatham Travel Lodge – http://www.chathamtravellodge.com/
Berkshire Travel Lodge – http://www.berkshiretravellodge.com/
Pleasant Valley Motel – West Stockbridge, MA
Shaker Mill Inn – Stockbridge, MA
Comfort Inn – Pittsfield, MA
Berkshire Inn – Pittsfield, MA

Campgrounds: details coming soon.

In case anyone else was wondering what the registration fee was getting us…

Schedule is up on the website: http://www.bindlestiff.org/munifest/

Always subject to change
Empire State Mountain Unicycle Festival – June 13-15 2014

Friday June 13
4:00 Set up and Registration
6:30 Group Ride
Intermediate level trail ride – 1.5 hours
8:30 Gathering at Jason’s house 5 miles from festival
Pizza and bonfire: please bring cash for pizza and of course BYOB

Saturday June 14
10:00 Registration opens
Hell on Wheel unicycle trials course opens
10:30 Group Ride
Intermediate level trail ride – 1.5-2 hours
12:30* Trail riding clinic – 1 hour
Learn to ride trails on a unicycle
1:00- 2:30 Pot Luck Lunch
Bring hot dogs, burgers, salads and snacks for lunch.* BBQ grill will be available.
2:00 Group Ride – 2 hours
Expert level trail ride
2:00 Group Ride 1
Intermediate level trail ride – 1.5 hours
3:30- 7:00 Open trails and trials course
8:00 Leave for Fox Hill Campground for Paradox Party and BBQ

Sunday June 15
10:30 Registration and trails open
11:00 Group Ride
Beginner- intermediate level trail ride
Grand tour of Fog Hill Road trails
11:00 Open trails and trials course
12:00 Lunch on your own
2:00 Beebe Hill Unicycle Scavenger Hunt
3:00 Trail Riding Clinic – 1 hour
Learn to ride trails on a unicycle
3:00 Group Ride
Fire tower Trail intermediate-expert level ride – 2 hours
3:30* Pack up and parting words
6:00 Chatham Unicycle Group Sunday night club gathering
Morris Memorial, Park Row in Chatham, NY

Can you give us an idea of the difference between intermediate and beginner level rides.

I would consider my son and I beginners - non-hoppers, but can plow over roots. We are fine riding single track and frequently do so.

So what skills would you define as needed for intermediate?

I am assuming the beginner ride is that nice rolling fire trail type riding.

I haven’t been on all the trails at Beebe Hill yet, but I’ll clarify best I can from what Jason was telling of the ride plans.

The one beginner level ride is mostly fire road with some climbs. The intermediate level rides are single track with some technical bits which may require a beginner or intermediate to walk briefly at points. Though several of such bits have optional ride arounds. Possibility of separating into a faster and a slower group. One intermediate ride may require some to walk up a fire road to ride the trail down. And the one expert level ride on Sunday is longer with some insane obstacles for those of varying combinations of skill, bravery, and/or stupidity.

I think there are definitely plenty of trail options for all skill levels.

And the Hell on Wheel trials course will be up all weekend for registered folks to use between activities. :sunglasses:

Thanks! My son (9) and I are planning on making the trip for Saturday and maybe Sunday.

A couple of us local people went for a ride this afternoon there, had an awesome time! I did a bunch of stuff I’ve never tried before, and had a great time! Totally covered in mud/grass/sweat/etc, but I actually saw an improvement in my riding! Can’t wait till next weekend to do it again!!

Jigywigy, I hope you and your son can make it for the festival. Should be a good time!

de Gallus, I wish I could have joined you folks on Sunday. Catch you this weekend!

Camping reservations made!

I couldn’t get into the tent sites as they have already been reserved by other MUNI folks. That’s ok, we may be sleeping early compared to the other MUNI riders. They did put us close.

Looking forward to it. Taking the smooth tire off tonight and switching to the knobby.

It’s this weekend! Can’t hardly wait! :smiley:

Hope to see you there.

“Hello Folks- Due to the extremely likely occurrence of rain for Friday night’s kickoff to the muni fest, we are postponing the opening till Saturday am at 9:00 am. The festival site is going to be across county route 5 on the Fog Hill road parking lot, about 30 seconds from the other parking lot. See you all on Saturday! Jason”

Reposting this from Facebook

Made the front page of the local paper.

Great turn-out the first day! We had more the second day!

Great festival everyone!! I’ll get some more pics up in the next few days.

Jigywigy - it was great to meet you and your son. Hope you enjoyed the festival as much as I did. Sorry we missed your departure Sunday.

Ya! Your son was awesome leading the way on all the trails! I think he had a good time…maybe? :slight_smile: ? hah! Nice meeting you guys and hope to see you again!

Yes, we had a great time. My son is jazzed about mountain unicycling. After we got home - a 4 hours drive - he wanted to ride the little trials course we have out back.

Thanks for the great time!

It was great meeting everyone. There had better be a second annual festival. One was not enough. Benjamin didn’t want to leave!