Emergency tirefix while waiting for new ones...

After 2 weeks of (newbie)-riding my tire is completely worn down. It is even spinned 90 degrees to compensate for spot wear. And the tire has been ripped open, exposing the tube.

So I order new ones. Two weeks in the mail, and currently held at customs.

First I cut up another worn tire and placed it underneath the unitire at the ripped spot. Deflate the tire, pull out the tube, wrap the second tire around the tube, reinsert the tube and inflate. This protected the tube for some time.

However the unitire hole is expanding. So I deflated the tire and tied som plastic coated steel wire around the tire/rim. After reinflating the tire seems to be ok for the moment. Have been riding for several days with the tire in this condition.

Still it is very noticable while riding, but better than beeing 0 or 2 tired.


New tires arrived today. The torn one hung in there just fine until the end. :slight_smile:


Holly balls, now that is a worn tire :astonished:

Did you have to lower your pressure once the casing started wearing through or just trust in the twist ties?

The tire was max 45psi, and it felt a bit low for my weight. I kept it at 45 to the very end.

New tires is http://www.chainreactioncycles.com/Models.aspx?ModelID=12382 .