email vs. newsgroup

I received a prompt reply from Mike at newsguy. His response is copied below.

So far, I’ve not received any other suggestions for a gateway host, nor
any concerns about us using “newsguy”, so I assume that everyone is okay
with this…

Ken, could you please enter in the subscription address that he requests and
then let me know when it is completed? I’ll contact him after I hear from you.

-Rick Bissell

(message from

>>Hi Rick,
>>Thanks for checking with me on this, and we look forward to helping you out
>>with the gateway. Several months back, Newsguy offered to take over gateway
>>support at no cost, for those currently setup through American University.
>>They’ve been great in providing this service the past several years, and we’d
>>like to help all we can in giving back to the Usenet community.
>>In order to get started with setup, I’d appreciate if you can subscribe the
>>following address to your list:
>>This would be the address we receive message through the list, and put through
>>to the group. Once completed, please let me know, and include the email
>>address we would direct messages to the list with. We’ll then have the
>>remaining portion of things setup as soon as possible afterwards.
>>Best Regards,