Elusive man on one wheel is Cliff

Found this in the local paper:
Wanted: Elusive man on one wheel

I sent an email to the author, who listed his address at the end of the article, telling him to look here. Hope he’s not disappointed to find out there are a lot of us… :slight_smile:

Here is a followup story

that was my guess as to who it was.Cliff is a monster,i rode with him once and the guy love to hill climb,me?not so much.

its interesting that he said his new uni was bought from uni.com when he sells his unicycles one there site.i wonder if he was just giving them a plug or if he got tired of makeing high tech uni’s and bought a KH?

He rides a hunter now, he kept breaking the custom ones. I rode with him up Mary’s Peak (well I walked up as he rode) you are right the guy is an animal.