elsbet ist the short term for the “unique liechtenstein and swiss mountain unicyle convention”. 2009 is the 3rd time we organise this event, it will be from the 28.5 until the 1.6.
we’ve got a little indoor trial-parcour (250 palletts) and lots of mountains (we’ll have shuttles as well). there will be only one competition: the MOD of 2009 (master of downhill, last year we had to winners, one of them was david weichenberger), the one who do the most vertical downhill meters in the four days is the winner, very simple…
we’ll do also a bit of street…

we can only host about 50 participants so if you want be one of them pm me.


its times like these i wish i was swiss. ^^

yep they got alot going for them swiss cheese swiss army knife.

unfortunately it’s over, but it was great, we had some great riders in differnet styles from Downhill to freestyle, from David Weichenberger, to Sonja Theiss, Arne Tilgen, Jan Logemann to the Pöham brothers and Cedric Vincent and a lot more (55 riders from Liechtenstein, switzerland, germany, austria and netherlands).

in three days some did more than a downhill from the top of the mount everest to the sea :astonished:

it was mostly muni but also some trials and street/flat, here is the link to the Media thread in the german forum