first vid from the elsbet09 (just a raw version, sorry for the bad quality):

This may well be the most entertaining unicycling video I’ve yet seen.

really enjoyed the video Turtle, great to see people of all ages having uni fun.

I’ve bookmarked it as something to show the kids learning to uni at school. Looking forward to heading out on ride days like this when a few are mobile enough.

That video will get watched by me several more times!
Really, really entertaining … loved the music … it fit.
MUni was top notch and the trials and street were wonderful … voondevar!
Loved all the skinny riding over water.
You all looked to have too much fun and all the skill level was high.

Great video showing everyone having a great time. Enjoyed watching it. Great to see all ages doing the uni thing. Nice one :slight_smile:

some shots from the photocam:

nice Video but still that “Turtle” soundtrack like all his videos have :smiley:
I think watching some Turtle videos is the most reason why I never was at an Elsbeth up to now, I really fear some days full of that horrible music :smiley:

elsbet is a real swiss/liechtenstein convention, that’s the reason we listen also to swiss/liechtenstein music and also some german music (for the guests), we live here and like our roots. if you think this is horrible, i don’t care.
btw the music in the last vid is from the fanta4, guess the best hiphop combo in germany…
and if you compare the sound in all my vid (like “up”, “sämtisersee” ect. check my sig) and you still say it’s all the same, i can’t help (it’s from hiphop over reggea to folk)…

…i think there is an other reasons you didn’t come to elsbet…

hahahahaha maybe I really only remeber the more strange stuff and forget about your videos with “common” music, sorry for that.
I alkso hear a lot of “horrible” music and if i always would use my favourite stuff for my videos I would have earnd much hard comments for sure :smiley:

You are completely right that the music is no reason for me to keep away from Elsbeth and for sure I respect that you like your roots, it mainly don’t fit to my time schedule the last times, lets see next year if it fits better for us to come!