Elsbet 2013

for those who like to plan long ahead:

Elsbet 13 will be in Liechtenstein from the 17th to the 20th of may!

for those who don’t know it, elsbet is the german short form for:
unique liechtenstein (and) swiss mountain unicycle meeting!

usually there are no competition, but last time we made a little slope style contest, not sure about next time. here is a very good vid from the last time by raphael pöham:

i think this link works


Yeah! Can’t wait for it, i will do my best this time to come! :sunglasses:

It will be intensive May-June-July, but I would love to come.

that would be cool! elsbet needs to get even more international.

I had soo much fun last time! I couldnt walk right for two weeks afterwards! Such an amazing time with some amazing people :slight_smile:

A very nice video. I would definitely be there if I lived a little closer…

It’s far to predict but we had already discussed with the LRF, we would type out this is conv '… It is quite tempting, it looks very nice!

Team turtle already makes a Christmas gift:

The registration is open!

Elsbet 2013 17-20. May
This rustic “Elsbet” is entering its sixth edition, it will remain the same and a lot else is new. The property is the same as in recent years: http://www.pfadivaduz.li/lokalitaeten/malbun/

There will be shuttle buses, old and new great tours (including XC and uphill if desired), night tours, barbecues (Zigeuner!!) And even some surprises!

These surprises are announced in this thread from time to time, we like to also accept ideas :slight_smile:


Cost: 95-CHF (Euro: with current rates) including accommodation in the lodge, dinner, packed lunches for lunch, breakfast and the ultimate Elsbet 2011 CD!
The seats in the cabin is limited to 45 (if it is full, then another hotel, tent or Womo,)

-15 Francs without overnight stay in the lodge (tent or hotel Womo Malbun)

T’Shirts be sold and must be purchased at registration (please specify size)

Arrival: At the earliest on Friday after lunch!

Registration: Please note we only accept handwritten applications sent by post (the younger ones I explain what this is all happy ;-)) is logged who sent the letter, and the money paid (due to bad experiences at Grisha Muni Challenge is in Cancellations that are shorter than 30 days before the event, no refund) made.
The needs in the application are: Full Address, vintage, where night is desired (hut, hotel, tent, Womo) T’Shirt size or yes / no, reasons why you come to Elsbet 2011 (also want drawings are welcome the original will again award). Registrations will be taken after the date of arrival (letter and money)

All of:

Markus Büchel
Floraweg 11
9490 Vaduz

Bank account:
Postal account:
No. 90-67692-6 / IBAN CH02 0900 0000 9006 7692 6 / BIC POFICHBEXXX
Attention: soon to be followed by an account in Liechtenstein, there may be less fees (with the reason it is also possible to pay only at Elsbet)

We look forward to seeing you!

Team Turtle (turtle, Julia, Sarah, Valentine, Marc, Andi) and assistants (Silvan, Ernst, Rosmarie, Thomas, Urs and Co.)

As a reminder:

I’d like to come.
When does the event start and end exactly? I’m looking for flights to Zurich and don’t know if should I arrive at Friday morning and depart Monday evening or Tuesday morning?

Is it cheap and easy access from Zurich to Liechtenstein?