Elliots Flatland run at Unicon

Elliot Hofman (team utv) win the junior expert Flatland competition at Unicon XIV

Url: http://www.unicycle.tv/video/662-1placejrexpertFlatland
Video: http://videos.unicycle.tv/662.1placejrexpertflatland.wmv

Elliot is awesome, I think if would have still gotten first if he competed in expert.

Crazy good. But I think Loic would have still won.


He is awesome… but Loic was crazy in his run! He would have gotten 2nd IMO.
Elliot is already so good and young, I can’t wait to see what he becomes in a few years! Just such an amazing run!

wow i liked his run better than loics! more flow, long combos, and only one fall on a good combo. hes crazy, i think he could have pulled off first in expert if he competed in that!

Some of the tricks Loic landed were harder but he fell a lot, if two riders are close then its pretty much luck who will win because the judging is hard and inconsistent.