Ellen DeGeneres rides a unicycle?

Here is photo to prove it! :smiley: It was at the Emmy presentation this past weekend. I scan the photo on the Los Angeles Times. I can’t figure out what brand/model that uni she is holding is. Can you? I am guessing that looks like a 26’ Sun.

Nope, definitely not a Sun. I think it’s just a no-namer. It looks like it has the schwinn pedals, though.

24", not a sun I would say, I have a crappy no-name uni that looks just like that.

She doesnt ride, there has been two threads about it already.

It doesn’t look like anything on the market today. Maybe it’s from the 90s or 80s even?

I think it’s just a nonamecycle, not a sun…it looks kinda like it, but nah, don’t think so. and that doesn’t mean she rides, it just means she was holding a unicycle.

I could hold a unicycle before I could ride one.

seriously thats awesome. even if she cant ride it. shes pretty much my hero. her talk show is hilarious and shes the only person who can really make me laugh. but why did she bring it out though?

Maybe she was tired from riding earlier in the evening. Sometimes I push my uni, and people always ask me if I can ride it.

Re: Ellen DeGeneres rides a unicycle?

here is the real proof

Is this person famous then? How come I haven’t heard her when I have my finger on the pulse of modern culture?

Because you have a male finger…

Quite possible her popularity doesn’t spread beyond America as well…

ouch,thats a little un-called for.

that said, its good to see the raddish posting again.

They used to show her sitcom here a few years ago. Very funny I thought.

it does
she’s a very funny lady

Maybe because you don’t have a television.

From the Oakland Tribune:

"As usual, the Emmys didn’t always get it right, and Ellen DeGeneres as host has had better nights. Two words: sparkler and unicycle. "

3 words:

18 million viewers.

Some might say that’s actually two words and a number, dear, but in your case let’s not be picky.

Hopefully we can all agree she had no more business being on that stage as she had holding a unicycle.

i’d rather see the scriptwriters realise that they’re not writing for the ‘normal’ kind of host
scripting de generis is a lot like giving michaelangelo a paint-by-numbers