Elite Trials Tire

Ive got this tire. Its called an “Elite” and it says Bike Trials on the side and decided to put it on my uni. It is kinda a mix between a Luna and a CC. Tell Me What You Think. And have you ever heard of this? And if so do you know where to get one.


tire 1.jpg

tire 2.jpg

tire 3.jpg

looks nice. is a luna pretty flat, like the one Luke Collalto uses? I was thinking about getting one of those. if i’m not doing any muniing, is a Luna better for street than a CC?


id say so because its smoother…but im not a street ride so i cant say but ive heard people say that luna is better for street…but yes i like this tire.

Is that the brand or the model?

I’ve read that the Luna is lighter, w/ a thinner sidewall, so it’s more springy. So some can jump higher, but the springyness makes it a little less stable. Also one has a softer compound than the other (I don’t remember which).

Of the people who had ridden both extensively seemed split on which was better. It seems it’s a matter of prefference.

I think the brand is Elite. i dont know if there is a model…unless the model is Elite and the brand is Bike Trial?

The Luna tire isn’t slick when new, but people shave it for street riding because they find it gives a smoother ride.

I’ve ridden both for a long time, and I prefer the Luna for street, because as I said, it’s smoother. However, for Trials, I prefer much more the CC, since it’s so grippy compared to the Luna. The only problem I’ve found with the Creepy Crawler is that it wears down faster than the Luna.



Response in my post, it depends on which style of riding.

I don’t really know when it comes to side hop, but when I changed my CC to a Luna, the sidewall of the Luna was harder to flex…

I love the CC. Brand new I find it great for everything. I have one CC that is a year old, and completely bald, and I love to ride on it. So smooth, for some reason it doesn’t fold over. (I put a new tire on the rim, put it to the same psi, and folded like crazy lol)

The bald CC still grips like crazy, plenty of skinnies and landing right on the ledge and the tire just grabs and holds.

Oops, I maybee I remembered that a bit wrong :thinking:

Have you noticed a difference in hop heights or side hops?

hmmm cool…what do people think of this tire though?

apparently its an old Monty tire…

I don’t really know, as I’m not much of a trials rider, I don’t think it will change a lot, I think what is more important is the PSI in your tube.

Sorry about the thread jack Isaac…

I’m really interrested by this tire, since I love both CC and Luna, but for different reasons. So maybe this tire will be the perfect option. I would like to know the softness of the compound and how fast it wears down. So Isaac, once you’re back on your uni, could you test it for us ? (Sorry, I’m asking you a lot these times…)

Thanks !

Well, assuming the same psi. (although ideal psi for jumping may be different for each)

There is also the Monty 19X2.6

Was it hidding in tinny print on the tire somewhere?

Once I had to look for almost five minutes to find out what size a tire was.:frowning: Usually it’s at least in moderately sized letters.

Can do. I will be riding next week probably.

What do you mean “sorry about the thread jack Isaac”? what are you talking about?

But yes i will try to do a review on the tire.


Ya it is hard to see Elite but not hard to see 20x2.5

Ya it is hard to see Elite but not hard to see 20x2.5

Looks like one, may not very old though. There seem to be quite many different kinds of Monty tires in circulation. I´ve seen a couple of different variations of the 19x2.7 tire, and also have a couple of 19x2.5 tires for my trials bike. I can take a pic of it, if you want.

The older ones are quite sticky, but the rubber is very soft. They don´t last long. The new ones, eagle claw variants, have a much nicer rubber compound.

If you want a tire like this go to www.montycanada.com and then go to monty parts and scroll down and its at the very bottom of the page. And contact them if you want to order one.

I think that correct, not 100%

its been used on older bikes, before Onza made there own tyres htis is what they used, so same probably goes for montybut theyve generally always had a tyre with a white stripe. But yeah its DEFINATLY an old onza tyre my mate has exactly the same on the back of a late 1990’s t-pro

what is the cost differece between the Luna and the CC, I heard the Luna lasts longer and is better for street, where the CC grips better and is better for trails, I own a CC, never tried a Luna, depending on the cost diffence I plan to buy a luna for my next tire in many months when my CC is old and done. (not even half a year old)