Eli&Pat's NAUCC video (KH Flat in action)

Congratulation to Max for the first place. Here is Eli&Pat’s video which made 3rd place. enjoy :slight_smile:

watch: Eli meets KH FlatUni
download: elimeetskhflatuni.mp4

Eli i love you.
my favourite trick in that was when you were gliding, 3spinned and carried on gliding or something?
:smiley: absolutely epic, the uni is perfect for you!

my favourite trick was the glide-crankflip :sunglasses:

Sick video!!! Eli was that a treyflip out of gliding :astonished: ? That 7 sidespin was incredible looked pretty sweet, also i loved the way you filmed it. All of the gliding tricks were excellent, nothing beats the sej flip though. Keep up all the great work!

man i thought your flips get lost on the flat uni but damn tight tricks an nice sej

I shoulda watched this video first before I got my brain fried by max’s vid. This is really great though, It’s nice to see you keep improving the flat style with lots of traditional freestyle skills mixed in. The overall style and flair was really awesome; I liked :50 sideseatdrop (forgot the name) pose thingy in the combo, it looked really nice.

Excellent riding man. If you keep this up you’ll be competing with Spencer for ‘most re-watchable flat video’. Definitely good to see you’re riding get even more flowy(is that even possible?) and I always enjoy seeing freestyle in flat videos. Finally bringing the ‘original flat’ into the new school flat. You are moving up my list of favorite riders for sure. I’m really bummed I couldn’t hang with you at NAUCC this year though…


wow eli! may I kindly request a gliding tutorial? it´s looks so easy and consistent when you do it. absolutely sweet vid. Thought it was a bit out of frame at utv, though.

awesome video :wink:

Hey guys, I literally just walked in the door of my house after returning home. I’m glad you all enjoyed the video, Pat and I really worked hard on it,