Eli Brill's Spring 2012 Video

Figured this should be posted here, but Eli doesn’t seem to be too active on the forums these days.

Epic, seriously epic!

Some of those moves look physically impossible :stuck_out_tongue:

Really inspiring though, I want to go ride now!

wow :astonished: … i’v watched it about 15 times already. You amaze me with every video eli. wow…

I can’t believe, most of tricks are absolutely unbelievable! I really love your style. Respect! I have new hero :smiley:

You Freeking Ill Brill!

That :smiley: is :smiley: the :smiley: best :smiley: Flat :smiley: vid :smiley: I’ve :smiley: ever :smiley: seen!!

Has anyone else ever done that flip thing @ 2:00? :astonished: If not how about a “ELIpsoid”:stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t actually think he landed the whip thing… I could be wrong, but why wouldn’t he show the hops after?

Meh, whatever. It’s close enough anyway, and I bet he could do it within a few tries haha.

I agree with panda, i don’t think he fully landed it but it looked a lot like a maxwhip to me.

Eli has some really well done videos. His style is really creative and just plain sick.

He definately landed it, looks like maybee he wasn’t able to pick the seat up so he could ride out of it though.

Hey, thanks everyone for the comments, and Panda for posting! I appreciate all of these!

As for the whip, nooo I didn’t “fully” land it. I stuck it pretty well perfectly, and sort of hopped a few times, but it’s an awkward way to land a trick haha :stuck_out_tongue: I was actually trying to catch the seat between my legs and ride away seat in, but I couldn’t do it hahaha. I’ll try again soon.

It’s interesting how every new person to land a whip does it differently :stuck_out_tongue: First, there was Max’s rolling backward whip, then Adrien’s forward prehop seatbackward whip, and now this thing haha. And Luke was trying it with a tiregrab off a drop. Strange… Eli’s actually released a new video since this one, and he said something about making a new one when that one got 150 likes. :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually I think I remember someone doing the whip that Eli did. I can’t remember who, but I think it was in Europe but only 180 (uni in front to in back), and did pick up the uni and ride away, like three years ago :o

That’s from way back in the dizay hahaha. Like 4 or 5 years ago. Eli landed that trick like 3 years ago, now. The one in the video’s a lot different :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s like the difference between the first 180 unispin and the first 360 :stuck_out_tongue: