Eli Brill - UTV - Walking with a Ghost

Forums not getting much love these days, eh? I come back every now and then for nostalgic purposes, but most of the flat/street community has moved to facebook so that’s where I tend to do most of my business. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, I figured I’d post my video here and see what people have to say. I hope you like it.


No hesitation anywhere. Really nice!

Was that a secret side to tire at 1:00?

Sick video Eli!!! Wow man that was good, I downloaded it after I wasn’t even done watching it. Haha. You got those full arounds down, and the fifth full around was sick! Also I liked the little tricks quite a bit like your blind trey from in to in, followed by the trey in to in. Anyway nice job and great video:)

Yeah, it was a 630 secret side. :slight_smile:

Thanks guys!

Whoa, that was awesome!

Incredible! The best feestyle I’ve seen so far! :slight_smile: