Eli Brill - Relentless by Fate, Flat by Choice

Please enjoy, and drop a comment if you’d like.

-Eli Brill

Oh my god that was soo sick! good job on that 1080side. :astonished:

Yeah sweet vid man.

I like the name too :stuck_out_tongue:

You have an amazing style, everything looks so crisp. I like how you try and add big tricks in your combos, but also have the one hit wonders. Way to push the sport man. Like I said at NAUCC, you are so talented :heart:.

You are CRAZY dude! Epic 1080side :smiley: I really liked the creativity in this video :slight_smile:

IMO you’re the best flatlander ever!
You can do all these combos most of us can only dream about!! :smiley:
1080 side was really sick! the coolest looking one done yet!

Hello, Sweet video :wink:

Ho-ly shit!
rolling 1080 side… Ohhh, amazing!
And really creative riding.
Great video, I love it!:slight_smile:

Eli i love your riding! so excited all day to watch this vid. got some new tricks up your sleve i can see. nice body varial stuff in your combos, and all the toe jams. everything looked so clean man, amazing.

Thanks so much everyone! I’m extremely happy with the positive responses!

I’ve been sticking the 1080 side consistently since March now. I broke a hub and countless spokes trying it. I’m SOOOOO pumped to have finally gotten it.


One word, UHHHMAZING. dude your awesome, keep up the good work!! :D:D:D

Thanks, man. It’s also now on YouTube.

Awesome video Eli. Some of those tricks are unbelievable. I really liked the wheel strange wheel walk combo you did after the toe jams… I also like how you were more worried about your pedal on that beastly fall.
Good edit too.

A couple things…

  1. “Oh shoot” That was funny. (10 sidespin fall)
  2. I appreciate the RbF representing, you and Kevin are really helping.
  3. Nice flat video with no flip tricks. I liked that it was one discipline.
  4. Old school song, that was refreshing.
  5. You should do a UTV cribs bro. I want to see inside that house. :wink:

Thanks Rob, and Shaun. I actually hadn’t even realized that there weren’t flips hahaha. Just haven’t put much time into them recently…

This was so good dude! I’ve watched it probably 100 times so far and just realized I didn’t comment :stuck_out_tongue: Each combo was really sick, I definitely saw some Daniel Adelander in a couple of them. I think it’s safe to say you’ve got the quickest spins in the world, I mean a couple people can 10 or 10 side, but you nailed it rolling and with a relatively low vertical. I mean look at Krisz’s or Kevin’s, they’re literally like 5 feet off the ground xD (which is quite beastly in it’s own right).

Edit: Judging by the first 10 side attempt, I think it would be quite possible to fit a 1260 in your sidejump.

Really great video! I liked how quick and clean all the flat combos were. And of course the 1080 sidespin was simply amazing!