Eli Brill [Flat, Street, Freestyle]

Eli’s new vid

Enjoy :smiley:

Song= Hollywood Undead-Young

Thank you:)


Eli was this after naucc?

Dang this is my faveorite video ever. Its inspired me!

You da bomb!

was that an full out double?


EDIT: I want to be Eli Brill when i grow up.

most of the footage is from before NAUCC but some is from today :slight_smile:

yep it’s a fulloutdub :sunglasses:

Thanks :smiley:

Where was the street? Elliot’s video had as much street as this video.

Flat was good though.

Treydouble down the pallets. I don’t consider flips on flat to be ‘flat’ either.

Flat was awesome and it was street/flat :smiley:

Eli get on facebook now. haha

That was awesome riding.

Needs new camera though : /

no just editing software :stuck_out_tongue: I just got a new camera for Christmas :roll_eyes:

great job man I loved the new and creative combos.

So good, you’re awesome.


Sick, full out double!! Sick footage!!!

i like it:p your sideflips are so smooth!!

Pretty cool :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the comments guys:) Glad everyone likes it:)

but pls try to don´t cut your head in nearly every clip:p

awesome!! :astonished: you are one of my favorite riders :roll_eyes: