Eleven Yooper unicycles for sale

Check out the trading post section of our forums for info. They’re all listed on Ebay. There’s come good stuff there and more to come.



Our club is on indefinite hold right now so we’re whittling down our stock. We have some 25 unicycles in the trailer.



A little more explanation.


United Monty trials uni just listed on Ebay at a GREAT starting price: $35! Item #7244217680

These unicycles must have good karma. Bid high!

Are there going to be any splined unicycles put up?

Unfortunately, no. We only have one splined hub setup, a Profile hub and crank set on a trials uni that we’re keeping. I’ve got some other fun stuff to put up on Ebay though but it’ll have to wait until after the Memorial Day weekend.

Darn!. I was hoping to get in on some of the bidding. Oh well maybe some other time…:slight_smile:

i have sold almost every uni ive come into conact with…yoopers!

your attempt to catch the master is due-ly noted but futile. :wink: