Elevator Shaft Mass Assault

Driven south from Santa Barbara by ash and smoke from an on-going fire, Eyal, Hans and Dennis joined Josh, Charlie, Eric and I for another attempt on Elevator Shaft, a step and shaley single track here in the Santa Monica Mountains. This was attempt six or seven for me and I was hoping to finally clean the whole damn thing. Most of us got down it all but not in one go - the shale bucked us all off somewhere (Dennis almost had it). Ferocious heat prevented sessioning long enough for someone to get it all. Maybe next time. Maybe not . . . It’s hard to appreciate how steep this thing is till someone goes flying, and keeps flying for a very long ways.

Looking forward to cooler temps. It’s fricking blazing on all these trails.



Dennis Dominating

Sheer Shale!


In the Santa Monicas (ignore the fighting dogs)

Thanks for organizing JL. It was my first time on the Shaft. Hot fun indeed.

If you guy EVER decide to do a late afternoon ride, I’d be down for that, but never in heat like that. I’m thinking a 5pm start would yield a solid 2.5 hours of riding, which should be plenty.

Uni-pad? Why? Does the right leg need a tan?

Well, @#$%&,

If you like the heat that much, then let me see if we can take a shot at Wizz Bang from the lower end. You guys haven’t ridden that yet. (rubs his hands together and snickers…) No shade at all. :astonished:

Stay tuned, maybe next weekend.

Glad you guys got together, despite the heat.

Keep the rush going!!

Wow, that ride was great! I really want to try that elevator shaft section again. It’s seems very possible to complete it. The only difficulty is crossing over the shale trenches from one compacted ridge to another. John and Josh, it was great to ride with you again. Also good to meet and ride with Charlie and Eric. and the pics turned out great.

haha, Uni-Pad, that’s funny Eyal.