Element plates[my other ride is a unicycle]

My bro was in victorville today at costco and saw an Elament with a liscence plate that said my other ride is a unicycle. Is that someone on this site with that element and where the heck do you get those? Ohh victorville is in the high desert like by barstow and palmdale.

EDIT: He has a pic of it on his phone, but we dont have the cable to put it on hte comp.

Are there any other riders in the so cal ares, perferebly near te high desert??

ME! Im in ojai, aobut 2 hours from you, no wait, more like 3.

Spencer Hochberg, He lives in santa clarita, wich is about 2 hours from you.

Gabe Castanon, Lives about 2 min away from me.

Will Alison, Live in Santa barbra, about 4 1/2 hours away from you.

Sammy Mason, Lives in santa paula, about 2 1/2 hours away from you.

Davis Tate, Lives 10 seconds away from me.

my bro mixed up it was a mini cooper

Mini coop vs. Elament, big F’ing difrence.

I know it is, he told my mom elem, then later said it was amini cooper…


I have been compiling a list of registered uni riders in the greater LA area to be used as a contact list for the Greater Los Angeles Unicycle Roundup. The unicycling.org list shows a Chris Mackenzie in Phelan. You can go to the list on the web and click on the email link to send him an email.

Chris live acros the street fron my I pretty much taught him how to ride(unispycho)

EDIT: Hes the shorter guy with a couple o clips in that vid in my gallery yard riding.