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I found a German website with electric unicycles! They don’t look too much like unicycles, and they have the fattest tire ever, but check it out!


That is hilarious. I’m not too sure that it will catch on though.

I can hear the little engine revving away in the video clip. But where’s the power control? Hmmm? Is someone standing off camera driving the thing by remote radio control? I wonder…

The first time I watched it I was too busy laughing to see this. Then I looked closer, and there are only three possibilities I can think of:

1.) Someone is using a remote control.
2.) There is something with the pedals (I can’t tell if they’re being pressed down or anything).
3.) There is a switch you press once to accelerate/brake, he just doesn’t have his hand on it.

As for whether or not it will catch on…probably not. :stuck_out_tongue: I don’t think I want one.

Oh! Jee of ze kleine faith!

Don’t you know that it was only because we cut off their supply of uranium from Africa that the Germans didn’t beat us to the BIG BADDA BOOM! ?
Well, ja, zey didn’t hab der Neils Bohr or der Berty Einstein, neither…

What you are quite obviously seeing there ist der fery virst one-vheeled vheelchair!

… der zuerst ein-gedreht Rollstuhl, Ich bedeute ! (web-translators… what good are they, anyhow?)

Isn’t that exciting?

Segway, eat your foot-pads out!

:wink: :smiley: :wink:

This probably works on the same principle as a wheelchair I saw at a show the other day (and my son wants one desperately). They are going to be available this summer in the UK and you have to see it to believe it can balance (and it sure can, even when a big guy tried to push it over).

Some info and video clips here http://www.independencenow-europe.com/uk/ibot/index.html


From the look of Clip 4, the frame is probably set up in a way that the further it leans forward the more the wheel acelerates, causing the wheel to “catch up” with the frame, creating equilibrium. Basicly how a regular unicycle works - you lean forward with your entire body and let your feet catch up with you. To stop you merely have to lean back. Lean back far enough and the wheel will go backwards. I think the segway works the same way. Anyway, good find Hugh, that’s awesome!


This thing is similar & almost an electric unicycle too

I want one…

Re: electric unicycle

That is cool. I hope he doesn’t run into problems with patents held by Segway.

Someone needs to send him some real unicycle seats like the Velo or QU-AX along with a longer seatpost. :slight_smile:


that takes the fun, thrill and skill out of unicycling!!!

That’s awesome. It looks like it uses logic similar to the Segway. The Segway is the vehicle in the police link. The inventor of the Segway also designed the wheelchair in that other link. The Segway is a further development of that wheelchair, which was developed years earlier.

I’d love to play with one of those things with a single tire on it. Right now it’s more of a “dicycle”, with two or more tires crammed close together; no more a unicycle than the back wheel of Fred Flintstone’s car. But to ride it with a single wheel would be very interesting. When learning to ride a unicycle, the back-front balance is the easy part, while learning the side-to-side takes longer. This vehicle would take care of the back-front, leaving you with just the side-to-side to handle on your own. Mixing the auto-balance of the vehicle with your own bodily movements to maintain balance to the sides would be real interesting.

Where can I get mine??

Re: electric unicycle

On Mon, 19 May 2003 16:41:41 -0500, johnfoss
<johnfoss.np41o@timelimit.unicyclist.com> wrote:

>This vehicle would take
>care of the back-front, leaving you with just the side-to-side to handle
>on your own.

I’m not sure that that works. Maintaining side-to-side balance
requires steering the unicycle AND control over the forward-backward
acceleration. So what if you loose it to the left, you steer to the
left to compensate but the gyroscope decides that you just need a
deceleration to maintain the forward-backward balance?

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