Elderly unicyclist joining the community

I’m an elderly recreational road cyclist recently attracted to unicycling.
I have 24" and 28" unicycles which I use on a daily basis.
My skill base is not great but I’m keen to learn and practice.
As far as I know there is no other unicyclist in my small town, so I have found this forum very helpful.
Thanks to all you contributors for your input to the forum.

Best Regards - keep writing and keep practicing.


Hi there tedward, welcome, I new here to but I feel right at home. :slight_smile: there are a couple of other threads in here which are related to age of which are interesting, if you use the search facility. Happy posting!

well since GILD aint here I finally get to say
“Well thats one more of us and one less of them”

yeah I got in first yeah well anyways welcome to the forum
enjoy your stay and its good to have another NZer round here
whoops loudly

Welcome! :smiley:



Welcome to the BEST FORUM IN THE WORLD!! If you’ve been lurking for a while, you already know how great the people here are.:slight_smile:

Hey! Welcome aboard.

Hope you enjoy it here!


Hello Tedward, Welcome!

Elderly??? Not when your on top of the wheel!


Hey glad to see you here! Welcome. :smiley:

The good thing about being the only unicyclist in your small town, is that you are also the best.:smiley:

There is definitely some good unicyclists in NZ. Gizmoduck on this forum is the first that comes to mind. He also happens to be a world record holder. Defenitely keep practicing, from another older unicyclist.

Re: Elderly unicyclist joining the community

On Thu, 11 May 2006 03:31:16 -0500, tedward wrote:

>I’m an elderly recreational road cyclist recently attracted to

Welcome! And if I may ask: how ‘elderly’ are you? (Or did I miss it?)
I’m 52.

Thanks everyone for the welcome to the community.

To Klaas Bil:
Elderly in my case means 68 in July. Bought a mail order learners 24" just over a year ago when I read that “anyone can learn to unicycle; all you need is persistence”. I believed that dictum must therefore include me as I can be persistent. I sure needed to call on the persistence as after 2 weeks I was still nowhere. So here’s how I now view the matter:

So is unicycling worth the hassle of learning?
Too right it is. It proves to be a delightful skill to use and a wonderful core body exercise as well.
I’m glad that it’s hard to learn and unfashionable. Keeps the sport fresh and clean and beyond the comprehension of outsiders and the posturing of poseurs.
If people think its stupid - So what?
Well, they haven’t known that transcendent experience that comes once the brain has eventually clicked and you KNOW that you can unicycle. That is it’s own reward.
Took me all of three weeks to learn which I guess is nothing clever.
But learning to unicycle is a neat accomplishment no matter how long it takes.
Because thereafter unicycling becomes a source of endless challenge and further enjoyment.
You meet those challenges at your own pace, and it doesn’t cost the earth either.
Wish that I’d tackled learning when I was somewhat younger; but better late than never.
Now - back to my idling practice. Shall I use the 24 or the 28?

Cheers Ted

Use the 24".

Welcome to the fora, brilliant place. Have a look at Defect or any other of the DVD’s. They sell them at UDC ( www.unicycle.com ), Great to meet you, I’m Mike.


Nice to meet you. You might find this article interesting - http://www.xs4all.nl/~klaasbil/keith.htm


Well, that answers one of my questions. I have been wondering if I would still be able to do this at age 60. Looks like that is a good possibility.

I learned to ride at age 50.

Welcome aboard.

If you learned to ride in 3 weeks you’ve done very well indeed.:smiley: Some take MUCH longer. It took me 8 months (I’ve never been very athletic). Others have taken even longer. I believe, the longer it takes the sweeter the victory. I know there are at least a few on this forum in their 60s and more than a few in their 50s. Unicycling keeps us all quite young at heart.