Elbow protection

I’ve had look for suggestions about elbow protection using the search function, but didn’t find any posts that are particularly new. I’ve landed on my elbows quite a bit during my brief stint at unicycling (usually while attempting flat tricks on tarmac:() so am planning on getting some protection. Ideally I’m looking for something which is versatile and would suit a number of disciplines as I’m equally bad at all the ones I’ve tried so far! :stuck_out_tongue:

What elbow pads do you recommend (I’m after that mythical balance between value and quality)?

Hi Bibblesquash

I no longer wear elbow pads, as I don’t seem to land on elbows any more.(touch wood) .The ones I had were cheap kiddies skateboard pads. They were actually the knee pads, but they fitted my elbows fine. Cheaper than the adults version.

For Distance racing on 36ers, I think just volleyball like elbow and knee pads are most common, something that is just cloth with a bit of padding.

If you are looking for something that goes through all disciplines, that’s probably it. But maybe something with plastic is stronger and fine for Trials and stuff like that.

I use POC VPD elbow pads. Pricy but well worth it.