Elbow Pain

Yesterday I spent about two and a half hours working on jumping and improved greatly, I was able to do 8 inch curbs smoothly and stuff. Anyways towards the end my elbow started hurting and I decided to rest, figuring it was just fatigued. However today when I woke up it still hurt and it feels like the tendon is inflamed. I tried riding again today and was unable to do anything near the competence of what I was doing yesterday. I rubbed some traumeel on the area this evening. I’m wondering if anyone else has encountered this problem (from pulling the seat up while rolling-jumping), and if there is there anything I can do do avoid this problem (elbow brace, technique etc…?).

EDIT: It’s the inside of my elbow where the pain is and it seems to be heading slightly down my arm to the wrist (a few inches or two from my elbow crease along the tendon).

I developed tennis elbow and a sore shoulder when learning to hop. I refused to believe it was caused by hopping, until I practically couldn’t use my right arm. Finally stopped hopping for 2 months, and got over the pain. Since then the pain never returned with hopping.

good luck with your hopping.

ive run into the same problem when i was learning to unispin… i think it was mostly just fatigue for me… my muscle just needed a little rest… after a couple days rest i was just fine…

thanks guys, i had to take a few days off out of pain and its better now =p