elbow ARMOR

i’m looking for some hard-shell elbow armor for MUniing
I have sixsixone 4x4 (semi soft) leg pads, and like those a lot, but I want some hard shell elbow/forearm pads for more impact protection
i’m considering sixsixone race, and comp, as well as fox and roach etc.
i want one w/ long forearm armor and just good comfort and protection

can anyone tell me if they like theirs and what kind i should get?


I don’t know if there are really hard shell arm armour out there but sixsixone make arm armour also and there is also kris holm armour too.

there’s lots of hardshell biking armor, and the Roach stuff looks great, i’m just wondering if people like it (because it’s more $$$ than most guards)

I use the roach arm armour and I reckon it’s pretty good. The material on the back lets air pass through easily so your arms don’t get too sweaty.

I can get 2x4’s for $18+ship if that interests you.

r they new or used?
i’m still leaning towards hardshell though

Brand new. From 661. Totally legit. I just give you my sponsorship code and you enter it…40%

Advice: I find I never hit my elbows. I have never hit my elbows once while unicycling. I have, however, slid on them. 2x4’s are good for this, and adequate for hard impacts. They are somewhat uncomfortable though.

I use the TSG Elbowguards


I’ve crashed a zillion times on my Muni and crash most every time out. I rarely if ever smack my elbows–but eventually you and I will–as my riding partner, Hans, did this last Sat. And he smacked it very hard. His comment: I hate wearing these damn elbow pads but glad I had em on this time.

So you were them for that once in a blue moon accident, and be glad you had them on.


I use the Harbinger brand elbow protection, and have found it both protective (nice hard plastic shell over the joint) and reasonably comfortable. It doesn’t have the forearm protection, but if you’re looking for pure elbow, I’d recommend it.

i tend to roll out of most crashes where my arms hit. i have heard that roach and 661 are both quite nice and offer good fore arm protection.

I agree abput not hitting your elbows much, i have a set of 661 2x4s (elbow equivalent of the 4x4s) and they’ve always given me enough protection, even when falling on sharp rocks or coming off my giraffe. They’re quite comfortable. and the mesh makes them bearable even in hot weather.

Damn I feel like a loser… I got Fox elbow/forearm guards… Work great, I’ve taken falls onto concrete and tar and not felt it.
I feel like a loser 'cause I’ve got 2 scars on my left elbow from 2 separate uni falls and a scar on my right elbow from a uni fall… One from slipping on sand over asphalt in a parking lot, the other two from hitting ice that I didn’t see…
I actually find that elbow armor is more important than wrist guards…

join the club evil nick!
i can ride quite well but have a scar (and one scab turning into a scar) on each elbow from these random slips on the street in front of my house!
i also have a slice through my shin from my friend’s Snafus, and as soon as i get metal pedals, i’m either wearing my bulky 4x4s ALL the time or getting other pads (like the sixsixone veggie wrap)

Yeah, I uaully wear 661’s… 2 weeks ago I wasn’t wearing them whilst riding to school, and had a upd that slammed the back of my leg with the pedal… It hurt, but I didn’t think much of it 'cause I was wearing thick cargo’s, like flannel lined… No rips or anything in the fabric, but I still have a nice scab there :wink:
The only prob I’ve got with the 661’s is that when I wore them logo facing out for about 3 hours, they rubbed the inside of my knees… so I’ve mathcing scars there :stuck_out_tongue: Doesn’t seem to be as bad as if you wear them logo-in (Plus you get to look cool like Mr Carter ;))

For muni, definately get knee/shin pads… Trust me :wink:

i have knee/shins, but i was just trying his w/ some mundane riding, but the seat turned and i sliced my shin right along the pedal, any ways,
what kind of fox elbow guards do you have?

Um… I dunno, the cheap ones :wink: They were like $30 Cdn, if that, much cheaper than the 661’s the shop had, and more comfortable… They do have a nasty habit of shifting off the elbow, so I’ve gotten into the habit of checking them often to make sure they’re in place :wink: