EJC 2005 in Ptuj/Slovenia


anybody going to the European Juggling Convention 2005 in Ptuj (August 14th-20th)?

For general information please go to:

As I understand, the convention might not be perfect for freestyle. There’s only one small gym, 20 minutes walk from the site (and 5 minutes from city-center) :(, but that would be less than 10 minutes for unicyclists! :smiley:
There are some concrete-basketball-courts next to the gym, too.
We should try to get as many workshops and unicycle-trick-shares as possible up on the schedule, so we get some space for practice. :stuck_out_tongue:

But it could be a quite cool convention for trial! I had the chance to talk to Jules, the main organizer of this EJC and he said that it should be no big issue to get some wooden stuff for a trials-area! It would be interesting to know how many trials-rider might show up, so they get an idea how many pallets, beams and other stuff they should provide. A construction set for unicyclists :sunglasses:
And there is an old minigolf-court somewhere, that we could eventually have fun with. Maybe for speed-trial or unigolf (whatever that might be…). Any ideas?

Go for it,


I will go if you pay for my airfare :smiley:

Man, you’re one smart guy! :roll_eyes: :smiley:
Thanks for the free bump, anyway!! :stuck_out_tongue: :wink: