EJC 2004 European Jugglin Convention Carvin

Hi all,
for those who were in Carvin, for the 27th european jugglin convention, and for everybody who weren’t there…
I’ve post some pics of the unicycle trip in the “city”.
We were… many! Maybe 60!
We did some trial, some urban riding, some freestyle and game in a playground, and then also some Muni!

Here is the address: http://gallery.unicyclist.com/view_album.php?page=1.

Thanks to everybody who were there! And, post pics if you have!

Ciao ciao

Er… sorry, tha page is http://gallery.unicyclist.com/albuv12

hey, i saw duaner in your many faces movie! cool!

i haven’t talked to duaner yet. i guess you met him?

-eric (in little rock, arkansas - for a while)

I also went to EJC. It was great again!

Is there anywhere some footage of the downhill ride from that enormous “mountain” thing?

Here is the video from the ride on the “terril”

I wish I was there

http://mttsensations.free.fr/Carvin.avi (4’30’’ – 30 Mo)


I was there also, but I’m looking for some pics and vids of the unicycle trick exchange on Friday and Saturday…

There were many photographers etc so someone must have some pics… !

Let me know

Eric said

yes, Ive met Duaner! I was wearing your t-shirt, and weve spoken a bit at the and of the trip!

Leo said

Leo, Ive a short video of the downhill, Ill post soon (not before 20th cause I`m not at home now!). But what downhill? The longest one (made by many) or that with the dirt drop at the end(made by few)?

Chili said

I wasnt there.... I was already at home... I had a show in which I had to perform and so I get back early! So Im with Chili: anybody who was there post pics or vids!