either or

Your stiches will heal, leaving a small, cool scar. Maybe you would’ve ruined your shin pads!

oops, this was supposed to be a response to ‘ouch that hurt’.

Never drink and post

While visiting relatives in Fort Collins Colorado I drank and rode my Coker. It was actually pretty fun. I rode on a bike path with my brother in law (who was on his bike) and stopped at a local brewery. I had several orders of the sample, which provides you with a taste of everything in small glasses. After that we rode about 10 miles back home. I was riding my Coker and most of what I remember was looking down at him on his bike and seeing him looking back up at me and laughing at each other all the way home. I haven’t done it since, but plan on doing it again. He can be a boozer at times and whenever I’m there he always looks forward to going to the brewery


Hopefully the bike path was a wide one. Truthfully, I’m surprised that you made it ten miles if that’s all you can remember.