Einradtreffen Ybbs 2008


Unicycling meeting Steyr 2008. A lot of unicyclists met on a weekend in october this year. We had a lot of fun.
On the first day, we drove through the old part of the town steyr. Steyr is a town in upperaustria. In the afternoon we climbed in the dark (no pictures) to a mountain hut. Sunday we made a downhill on the single trail hiking path.
Have fun!


this video is no longer available

… yeah :frowning:

looks fun :smiley:


I laughed at the part where you put the uni up on the flag pole. I never would have thought of that. :slight_smile:

Good video, looks like a lot of fun. Maybe edit out about 20 seconds of the sound of a pedal scraping up the flagpole? :astonished:


cooles video
warum hast du mich nicht herausgeschnitten?:smiley:

it was quiet fun
Ps: fritz kommst du dieses wochenende auch wieder?

Hallo Franz

Das war ja ein Supersprung. Der gehört doch ins Video. Ich hätte ja gerne mehr von dir gezeigt, aber leider habe ich nicht mehr von dir am Videoband.

Hallo Ludwig

Nein, dieses Wochennde habe ich Dienst.

Thanks to all who are joining this video!

schade wär sicher lustig geworden^^

this is an english unicycle video forums so please talk in english:D lol

really liked the video looked like a lot of FUN! :wink: