I was looking through the German part of Unicyclist.Com, and came across a link. Naturally, I click on it… and WOAH! These guys are GOOD!

I dont know if this guy posts much here (I aint seen him) but his username is ‘Einradfreak’

Here is a pic of him (maybe…)

click here

Just thought it was worth a mention!


He haven’t posted too much here, but I remember some pics of him riding a mini at a skate park.

Ahh, found them: Euro uni pics

edit. And I want to say his an amazing rider.

einradfreak is a crazy Austrian unicyclist.
He did “houserunning”, “bungee jumping” and more crazy things with his muni.

I`ll meet him on Saturday and I´ll give him your laud :slight_smile: