einradfreak.at web site

Sorry in advance for the English

Anyone know what happened to the einradfreak.at web site? Will it be back?

There was some interesting info there about the history of the unicycle at this link: http://einradfreak.at/infos/geschichte_einrad.php
Has that info been moved to a different site? Will it be back some time in the future?


David Page


In davids site it can be that something dont work perhaps…you have to test it again because on my computer it works! You must test and test it again…than it will work.

Lg Simon;)

try it with this link: http://einradfreak.at/infos/allgemein/geschichte_einrad.htm

he’ structured his website a bit different

Oh good! The site is still there. For the past couple days I have been getting a DNS error saying the site could not be found (I use OpenDNS). Must have been a DNS problem somewhere that is now fixed.