Einrad-koste 2004, uni event


This looks like an intersting event. Any one else thinking of going? With no Eurocycle in July, I might just go to this event in August instead for a dose of euro uniing


i’ll most likley be there,

especialy since its in neumunster which is where i’ve been teaching the hundreds of enthusiastic kids new tricks.

of course i knew all about it already, was waiting for meike to translate the page into english before i posted it.

meike, lasse and wolfgang are all realy great folk. i’m sure they’ll put on a fantastic event.

Ah, so you have inside knowledge. I’m hoping it’ll be wort my bringing a hockey stick even tho there is no memtion of hockey on the web site, what do you recon?

Its not that far to Hamburg, are there direct trains? and at what sort of price?

Hi Sarah.

There are direct trains from Hamburg main station to Neumuenster, price perhaps 10 to 20 Euro. Unfortunately the connection from Hamburg airport to main station is not that good, it takes 30 to 40 minutes.

You can look for trains at