Einrad fahren in Frankfurt und Umgebung

Hi everybody,

I am preparing to move to the Frankfurt area in october and I was surprise not to find a thread for this area.
My german being too bad for posting for now, I am starting this thread in english.

If you know nice spots to ride there, many thanks for posting them here :slight_smile:

Which Frankfurt?


That’s right I wasn’t precise enough: Frankfurt am Main.

First location to go and test: The Taunus Mountains.

unicycle hockey in Frankfurt

you can play unicycle hockey in Frankfurt


Hi Siddhartha,

Heidelberg is just an hour by train from Frankfurt. The city is a site to see, and wold be great if we could meet up for a tour. We got decent down hill trails nearby. Also, if you are going for Taunus give us note, we might join you for a tour.

See you in October!

They are finally here !!!

Now it’s re-assembling time :wink:

Hi Siddhartha,

what have you brought? So far, the season has been really great here. Our weekly muni-tours keep getting funnier with each ride. Drop me a note when you want to do some riding together.

I have a 19, 26 & 29.

I really should start scouting the area because I have a friend that will visit me for a week on the 28th and he will bring his muni for some rides.

I am away this week but next week I should try to go and ride!

Where is your weekly muni ride usually located?

At the hills just around Heidelberg’s old city.


Königstuhl has a great variety of trail difficulties.

Thanks for the links (the opentopomaps site seems very useful…).

And when do you usually meet to ride?

Usually on non-rainy weekends. Time depends … I’m gonna PM you
seelefand’s and my phone numbers in case you want to get in
touch spontaneously.

OpenTopoMap is just yet another fork GUI of OpenStreetMap
visually emphazising the topography layers.

Other fork examples are:

  • OpenCycleMap: http://www.opencyclemap.org/?zoom=15&lat=49.40166&lon=8.71212&layers=B0000
  • OpenStreetMap itself: http://www.openstreetmap.org/#map=14/49.4001/8.7032
  • OpenSeaMap (if you're [I]nauty[/I]): http://map.openseamap.org/?zoom=13&lat=54.37366&lon=10.18708&layers=BFTFFFTFFTF0FFFFFFFF

I got your PM thanks. I don’t have a cell plan yet but it will change in the future.

Feels like Sunday November 22nd is a good day to ride if it doesn’t rain. How muddy can it be there?


Not that muddy. The trails are pretty much
canopied by leaf or needle trees and the surface
itself isn’t that earthy.

Thanks for the update. It is good news !

I got scared when I looked at the calendar: my friend arrives end of next week !!!

This sunday (22nd), I think I will try to scout the GroĂźer Feldberg trails down to Oberursel to be a bit more ready for guiding him :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:
You’re welcome to join whether you know the area or not :wink:

But definitely, I will join you for a muni ride later (it is always funnier to ride in a group…).

First muni ride in a random place in the Taunus during my best friend’s visit.
It wasn’t technical but we had fun and the fat tires had fun in the mud :smiley:


What kind of frames are these? One’s a Triton, I
guess … what’s the other with the curved “crown”?

I guess the curved one is a “Flansberrium” :sunglasses:

Have a look:

GruĂź Peter