eight stitches

ya yesterday my brother and I were outside my grandparents house and my brother wanted to try to do a unispin on my KH 07. As most of you know, the pins on the Snafus on the KH are very sharp and they stick out a lot(which is fine for when you have sixsixones on). The pin sliced his shin and I carried him up a hill and my papa knew right away that he would need stitches. We took him to the hospital and the doctor sewed him up w/ 8 stitches. Just a reminder that things like this can be prevented if you wear pads.:slight_smile:

-Forrest Rackard

How… is that possible? Those must have been some brand new snafus.

My brother still has some scars from my old Snafu’s in his calf, they suck like that.

yea same thing happened to me, but on my calf. I didn’t get stitches though.

in this pic you can see my old pedal bite on the right of my leg. I always wear my 661s now needless to say.


I bailed badly and ripped a hole in my 661s! Imagen what would of haddend if I hadden’t been wearing then :wink:

same thing for me…
the one farthest right was the deepest.
when i got home, my mom freaked that i hadn’t gone to the hospital, but said it was too late to get stitches…

Bah, you wouldn’t have needed stitches anyhow.

That’s freaky. It almost resembles the nutsi flag or triton hook. But i don’t think you needed stitches either. The way i fix scars and stuff like that is more weirder than stitching. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I bleed a lot yesturday after a snafu incident. It’s about the 8th or 9th one in the past 3 or so weeks, I do wear 661’s most of the time though.

The one yesturday happened whilst attemping a 360 unispin on my muni. I landed it really badly and then my foot slipped off. I now have 4 huge scratches on my right leg (one of them being on the back of my knee).

I don’t see how you could need stitches from it though, you would have to screw up really bad!

Ya with my brother, we could see the bone. The cut was about 1/8th of an inch deep.:frowning:

I wear roach, but the concept still stands. Both my legs are scarred front and back from pedal bites.

I’ve been told by some bikers that they only consider it a true pedal bite if it has at least 6 good scratches.

yeah but a pedal bite is a pedal bite…if those pinned pedals touch your leg without armor on your leg is gonna get pretty messed up.

WOW I just came to this thread and scrolled down and I don’t think I’ve ever seen so much shin blood at one time…nice (:
I’ve gotten pedal bites, but never very serious ones like yours…they were just scratches.

Me too; I’ve bled but this is just insane.

In my expirience, the ones that bleed seem to hurt a little less than the ones that just barely don’t. I’m not sure why. Besides, the bleeding ones look way cooler…

The one in the pic up there was done uni-spinning in a skate park. All the kids there were kinda watching me limp for minute and looking at my leg, then one said “at least it’s not bleeding.” He spoke about 3 seconds too soon.

This is my snafu injury.

it was really deep. I was doing a double flip and failed miserably and the pedal tore my shoe off and did that to my foot.
Oh and that was days after it happened so there is no blood or anything, just my wound.

That looks pretty deep and painful! :astonished:

i had a cracker right next to my achillies. you could see the muscle. the next day i got two pedal bites in the same place which ripped the scab off and made some new cuts. and a few days ago i screwed my shins. all with snafus.

It sucked because I couldnt put on a shoe for a while.

ooo dang man, tell gaston i feel for him. i was just thinking about you guys recently, we should ride together. ive been riding a little more lately. im not learning too much new, but its still been fun to start riding more again. call me and maybe wecan plan on sunday? thats myday offso let me know. 651-2583 if you lsot it. and what are you doing on? lol youre supposed to be at school right now. :slight_smile: