Eiffel Tower climbing // world record attempt by Yoggi

November 20 2006, it’s the 25th birthday of “French Children Laws”. The association “La Voix de l’enfant” organises a gala day in Eiffel Tower to raise funds.

In this occasion, Yoggi - World champion of Trial unicycle in 2004 and 4th in World championships 2006 - is going to tempt the ascention of some 670 stairs of the 2nd stage of the Eiffel Tower to approve a new world record.

Taig Kris, inline roller world champion and Ambassador of “La Voix de l’enfant”, will also stimulate this day by installing an halfpipe at the first stage of the Eiffel Tower

Various media should cover the event for, let us hope, follow the record in front of the television set. Rest more than to wish Yoggi good luck. And be certain that he will join the numerous sportsmen having stood out the story of the Eiffel Tower.

Source : Espace Trial // Antoine

A t-shirt has been created for the event. More infos soon on the website of Koxx One.

He’s got some short cranks on that Uni.

That’s a great record :astonished:
That t-shirt is awesome

That’s amazing, Good luck, Yoggi.

What is the current world record set at?


Cool, I once saw a video where Peter Rosenthal wanted to atack t/his record (10 years ago or so), but he did’nt atempt.
But ther is one listed at his website.

That guy is insane… just watched the video with him riding 3 or 4 different unicycles…

Thats cool, its a long way up…

I thought that was Zack?

me too.


Geeze! 670 stairs is a lot. I have done 245 all in one go. I was downtown riding at the dam, and to get back up, theres tons of stairs, so I said, why not just jump up all of them? Then at the top, I realized more stairs looping around a building, so I did those too.

You need great endurance to get through that.

Good lcuk man!

On koxx-one.com it says that yoggi was the worldchampion, but that is a mistake because Zack won.

i went down the stairwell from the sixth floor of my door…but thats going down…and probably only 150-250 steps. Your feet start to really hurt.

Looks like he has a slick on there.

it says that he was (in 2004, not in 2006)

Thats what he ment, He said that Zack was the 2004 worldchampion and Yoggi wasn’t. Yoggi wasn’t in the top 3 this year either…But thats for another thread.

Good luck Yoggi! Hope you do it!


I hope that the french people from France will soon understand that Yoggi has never been trial world champion… He just won in his category, not all category mixed…

World champion or not… Yoggi is a great unicyclist and is promoting this sport a lot.

Thanks Yoggi!

Yoggi is referring to being the age group world champion, this is true and he is rightly proud of this achievement. As for him not being the overall trials champion, yes he is not; he is an exceptionally good trials rider and did come second overall in 2004!

ps I won the old farts age group in the marathon at UNICON and I am proud of that too. :-p

Thanks Roger for clearing that up! I was confused and wondering myself so I tried researching it but could not find anything on it… No results are posted for Trials for the Unicon in Japan for some reason or another?

Pretty Sweet Stuff!
I’m impressed.


Results from Trials at the 2004 Unicon in Tokyo, Japan, sorted by final expert placing:

points name age group
73 Baldwin, Zackary 11-18
58 Guiraud, Benjamin 19-29
40 Weichenberger, David 19-29
33 Collos, Xavier 11-18
27 Hahn, Moritz 19-29
23 Iten, Adrian 11-18
23 Riegel, Jess 11-18
22 Newbery, Dale 11-18
13 Dietze, Felix 11-18
13 Eichholz, Lutz 11-18
10 Andersen, Jesper 19-29
10 Ando, Yuta 19-29
10 Kobayashi, Seisuke 19-29
10 Lottrup, Lars 30
8 Logemann, Jan 19-29
7 Almocera, Richam (Jing) 30
7 Foss, John 30
7 Izumida, Daiki 19-29
7 Moriwaki, Yuuya 11-18
7 Mossengren, Jamey 19-29
7 Sommer, Kristian 19-29
7 Suyama, Naoto 19-29
7 Yamamoto, Tetsuya 11-18
6 Nonoyama, Takuji 19-29
6 Saunier, Grégoire 19-29
5 Almocera, Alrich 19-29
5 Arnold, Forrest 30
5 Okayama, Shoichi 19-29
5 Ruiz, Javier 30
5 Summer, Holger 30
4 Shields, Brian 0-10
4 Tsuchiya, Shuuichirou 0-10
3 Ge, Yang 11-18
3 Kubota, Shou 11-18
3 Schanz, Thorsten 11-18
3 Tokutake, Mitsuru 19-29
2 Tasker, John 11-18
2 Ziyi, Fan 11-18
1 Arets, Michel 30

10 Theiß, Sonja 19-29
7 Hyder, Debbie 30
7 Kreisz, Hannah 11-18
7 Mentgen, Milena 11-18
7 Nielsen, Katia 11-18
7 Peirup, Ina 11-18
5 Genelin, Irene 19-29
5 Liisberg, Emma 11-18
5 Peirup, Gro 11-18
5 Reinerth, Julia 11-18
5 Ruedel, Daniela 11-18
5 Xinyuan, Liu 19-29
4 Xinyi, Liu 11-18
4 Yuqing, Lan 11-18
3 Sijia, Li 11-18
1 Ge, Wang 11-18
1 Kowalski, Megan 19-29