Egged at!

Well, a few days ago the annual show (:D) for my town was held and me and my friend went out riding and while we were riding through the (feral) part of town, we were egged at! :astonished:

It was a sh*t throw and din’t even make the distance to us (:)) so were a little shocked but still okay.

THEN! The next day, my friend’s house (which is 15 minutes away from where I live!) was egged at and the entire front of the house was sticky :angry: !!

WHO DOES THIS!!! :angry:

and has this happened to anyone else?

not an egg but a roll was chucked out at me

the guy was in his car and the speed limit down the road was 40. Haha it hit me in the arm and i thought it was pretty funny. I also thought about it and i say it was pretty tough to do to since the roll was soft:D

Once a guy threw a plastic water bottle at me. It had some water left in it so it had some velocity. He missed me and almost hit a mother and daughter that I was passing. He was a terrible shot. I think he had six fingers.

I got egged and almost jumped on halloween once:

Lets be honest, we are prime targets.
Id Egg me.

no egg, but yelled at to get some “F****G shorts that fit you F

If the house was egged I think this goes beyond riding a Uni.

Did you get-a his license number?

Nah, I wasn’t there at the time and it was during the night. My friend went to get the mail and opened the door and it was all covered in eggs.

Well some people obviously have deep rooted psychological issues…
or they’re just JEALOUS!
Perhaps the best response would be to go over to the offender, give them a hug and say “I feel your pain”:smiley: [Then run /uni away really fast!]

This is true.

i once got pulled from my giraffe :angry:

Sometimes people throw tomotoes.
I’d just wish they take them out of the cans first.

sorry…old joke:)

somehow i knew that you’d be posting here today. i was going to send you a pm, actually, seeing as you are looking for me.

I was unicycling through town at night, not suspecting a thing, when a car drove by slowly and a passenger threw an egg that smashed in the middle of my eye. I couldn’t tell what it was at first, one moment I was riding and next thing my eye was in pain and it felt like I had been punched or something.

Temporarily blinded in one eye by the egg I didn’t get the number plate.

I’ve had other things thrown near me like bottles and stuff but none have been as accurate as the egg-slinger.

i had a glass bottle busted over my head

What’s up with all the negative posts about mean people? This is like the third one I’ve read today.

Maybe all this bad karma is one of the signs of the end of the world :smiley:

some people are coming out of the closet

Seriously! Can’t anyone post something positive about mean people? :stuck_out_tongue:

i had one push me off and my muni came out from under me and my pedals smacked them in the shins