summer edition shirts summer edition shirts: 100% cotton, 200 gram, adult sizes: S-M-L-XL-XXL
A tight fitting snazzy high quality turquoise shirt with a wicked 3 color design. The ladies love it!

Preorder prices:
20,00 EUR (excl. shipping)
22,95 EUR (incl. shipping in Holland)
24,95 EUR (incl. shipping in Europe)
For shipping outside of Europe please contact dustin [at] eenwiel [dot] nl

Preorder form:

Preorder is open till the 17th of May


those are hot!!!

I like they are pretty cool

hey these shirts are awesome man
i was juste wondering if you’re going to bring some of them at unicon?
cause if you bring some i’ll be intersted to take one…

– bobousse

I’m printing some extra and will try to bring some to unicon, I’m thinking most will be size M, whats yours? M or L?

my size is L, thanks alot man, your shirts are awesome

I sent a pre-order thingy- but I’m in the Dallas, Texas area, so would need shipping there. “Large” size. Thanks.