Edmund Leduc UDC Sponsorship Request

Hey everyone, just wanted to share with you my Sponsorship Request vid for municycle.ca. Some of the clips are kinda old and I wasn’t sure if I wanted them in the vid but I decided I’d better include all that I had planned on including, even if the riding was kinda… normal… That kinda makes it a best of 2011 I’d say.

I know I don’t visit here often enough, but I plan on visiting more (Hugo simplified the forum for me… :slight_smile: )

I hope you all enjoy the vid!


Awesome! Your street is amazing! The rail and all of your fulloutflips were great! Nice fulloutsideflip too!

Nice work, :slight_smile: the spin lines were great and the street-ness, mostly the 180 tire grab off the rock…siick :slight_smile:

Thanks guys, I’m looking forward to try more tricks than out tricks off stairsets and everything, I just find them more natural looking from a non-unicyclists point of vue I guess.
Can’t wait to go for some huge street riding before winter arrives!:smiley:

I wish people wouldn’t add music to their videos. I always prefer the music I’m playing anyway (right now Crouching Camper Hidden Sniper by Machinae Supremacy).

I personally find that adding music lets you edit your videos according to the mood you wanna set to the video. Also, the music you might be listening to will never have the same tempo as the music I used. It’s rhythmed and everything kinda fits together flowingly.
That’s why I alwayyysss have music.

Also, I usually upload both to youtube and vimeo, since I know sometimes youtube’s a b… :wink:

I’ll upload it soon.

I enjoyed the video. Thanks for the shoutout.

The riding, music and editing was very nice :). Good luck with your sponsorship!

@ kamikaze: I think the music and the way it has been edited gives an extra touch to the video. If you don’t like the music, you can always mute it and listen to your own :P.

Well, look at my quote. The music prevents me from viewing the video AT ALL.

Don’t get me wrong, I can get around this, but it’s a little annoying and the download speed through tor sucks.

Ahh :). Now I understand your comment, lol. So stupid when youtube does that xD.

It’s now on vimeo for those who couldn’t watch it on youtube… Stretched weirdly… Anyways.

Sick! You have awesome style :slight_smile:

sick editing and filming and i really like your full out spins and full out flips they look really smooth wish you luck for the sponsorship!!