Hello, are you from edmonton. Im in edmonton. Im looking for someone to rip around with. Im mostly intereseted in hopping on shit. Rolling along things hopping off. Cruising the city a bit. Suggestions for uni play grounds? Or perhaps you wanna ride. Email me at oldandmoldymat@gmail.com

rocknroll .

ps Im only here till the end of the week.

never heard of edmonton, why do you want to hop on shit?

i think if only there for the weekend just cruise around by yourself, you are bound to find something to do with your uni.

nah it would be much better with other riders

probably, but then he has to find out if there is any, then find where they are, then see if they want to go for a ride, then he has wasted a lot of time when he could be out uniing around.

and you are both correct

its true its true both are true. thanks

i live in red deer and uh… i think theres a person named maxisback somwhere on here and edmonton has a uni club