Editorial Opportunity in Special Coffee Dessert Issue


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<table border=“0” cellpadding=“0” cellspacing=“0” width=“98%” height=“1290”>
<tr> <td align=“right” valign=“top” colspan=“2” width=“18%” height=“108”
bgcolor="#FFFFFF"><p align=“center”><img
src=“http://www.indulgemagazine.com/promotions/Coffee1.JPG” width=“100”
height=“99” alt=“Coffee1.JPG (6928 bytes)” align=“left” controls><font
</big></big></big><font size=“4”>Coffee and Dessert<blink></font><big><big><big>
Issue</big></blink><blink></strong></font><font face=“Arial”
color="#2C2C2C"></font></td> <td width=“5%” height=“108”></td> <td
valign=“bottom” width=“64%” height=“108” bgcolor="#000080"><p
align=“center”><font face=“Times New Roman” color="#FFFFFF" size=“5”>What key
marketing </font><font color="#00C462" size=“5” face=“Times New
Roman”>FORMULA</font><font face=“Times New Roman” color="#FFFFFF" size=“5”> does
every growing business need</font><font size=“4” face=“Times New Roman”
color="#FFFFFF">…</font></p> <p align=“center”><font size=“4” face=“Times New
Roman” color="#FFFFFF"> and how can you initiate it
without the expense of a PR - marketing firm ? </font></td> </tr> <tr> <td
align=“right” valign=“top” width=“7%” height=“521”></td> <td align=“right”
valign=“top” width=“36%” height=“521” bgcolor="#00005B"><p
align=“center”> </p> <p align=“center”><font size=“4”
color="#00C462">Be Inventive and Use Your
INDULGE Editorial Feature to Create More
Exposure! </font></p> <p align=“center”><img
alt=“coffee-cover.JPG (8848 bytes)” width=“109” height=“129”></p> <p
align=“center”><font size=“3” color="#FFFFFF"><strong>1).</strong> Use your
</font><font size=“3” color="#00C462">INDULGE</font><font size=“3”
color="#FFFFFF"> editorial as a tool to gain additional editorial
coverage as a direct mail to highend consumers, throughout the Internet or other
in forms of media. </font></p> <p align=“center”><font size=“3”
color="#FFFFFF"><strong>2).</strong> Send out a press release to your clients
and potential clients on your upcoming feature in </font><font size=“3”
color="#00C462"><B>INDULGE (A premier newsstand publication since
1992)</B></font><font size=“3” color="#FFFFFF">. </font></p> <p
align=“center”><font size=“3” color="#FFFFFF"><strong>3).</strong> Another
cost-effective technique with an advantageous result is to use your editorial /
advertisement as a current brochure for your product. This can be accomplished
by simply requesting additional tear sheets prior to press. In doing
so, you can save up to thousands of dollars in printing expense! The cost
of the four color tear sheets is a fraction of what it would cost you to
create, design and print your own. </font></p> <p align=“center”><font size=“3”
color="#FFFFFF"><strong>4).</strong> With copies of the </font><font size=“3”
color="#00C462">INDULGE</font><font size=“3” color="#FFFFFF"> issue or reprints
of your feature / advertisement, utilize them as new promotional materials that
your salespeople can distribute at trade shows or in a new potential retail
environment.</font></p> <p align=“center”><font size=“2” face=“Arial”
color="#FFFFFF"><img src=“http://www.indulgemagazine.com/promotions/Coffee1.JPG
width=“148” height=“147” alt=“Coffee1.JPG (6928 bytes)”></font></p> <p
align=“center”> </td> <td valign=“top” rowspan=“5” width=“5%”
height=“1182”> <p> </p>
<p> </p>
<q> </td> <td valign=“top” rowspan=“5” width=“64%” height=“1182”><font
SIZE=“2”><p align=“center”></font> </p> <p align=“center”><u><font
color="#2C2C2C" face=“Arial Black” size=“4”>An</font><font face=“Arial
Black” size=“4” color="#000080"> Invitation </font><font
color="#2C2C2C" face=“Arial Black” size=“4”>to Receive</font><font
face=“Arial Black” size=“4” color="#000080"> an Editorial
Feature </font><font color="#2C2C2C" face=“Arial Black” size=“4”>in
INDULGE’S Special</font><font color="#800000" face=“Arial Black”
size=“4”> Coffee</font><font face=“Arial Black” size=“4”
color="#2C2C2C"> Issue</font></u><font SIZE=“2”></p> <p align=“left”>A
targeted campaign is a <strong><font size=“3” color="#000080">key
ingredient in the</font><font size=“3” color="#008E47"> FORMULA
</font><font size=“3” color="#000080">for success</font><font size=“3”
color="#00904A">.</font></strong> This program must include advertising,
building product name recognition and awareness, credibility and finally
reinforcing it with editorial coverage. <font
color="#000080">INDULGE</font> will feature five coffee companies in our
special November “Holiday Coffee” issue, whereas <font SIZE=“2”
color="#000080">INDULGE</font> magazine will pick up the tab on your
editorial feature. Since we are going deep into our pockets, we are
limited to promoting just five companies. -
alt=“coffee-cover.JPG (8848 bytes)” width=“119” height=“142” hspace=“15”
vspace=“15” align=“right”></p> <p align=“left”>INDULGE being a top food,
wine and lifestyle newsstand publication throughout the US and Canada
(since 1992), it’s quite prestigious to be chosen and featured in <font
SIZE=“2” color="#000080">INDULGE</font> Being associated with <font
color="#000080">INDULGE’S </font>top national advertisers such as
Cartier, E-Trade, Weber, Absolute, Bacardi, Buick and Mercedes, your
company is automatically reinforcing and strengthening your products
credibility and consumer awareness. Our marketing staff researched your
company from the Internet as one of the companies we wish to extend this
incredible marketing concept too. </p>
<r>In the next 2 issues of </font><font SIZE=“2”
color="#000080">INDULGE</font><font SIZE=“2”>, we will allow you to
initiate a marketing campaign for your company to a key affluent national
consumer group between the ages of 28 - 60. This will include advertising
placement along with a fabulous editorial feature in our special November
Holiday coffee issue.</p>
<s></font><font SIZE=“2” color="#000080">INDULGE</font><font SIZE=“2”>
reaches over 300,000 upscale epicurean consumers, with an average
household income of $123,000 and average household net worth of over
$873,000. </font><font SIZE=“2” color="#000080">INDULGE</font><font
SIZE=“2”> magazine has been featured on CNN, CNBC, The Food Network,
Lifetime, Discovery Channel, The Home and Garden Network and The Travel
Network to name just a few. </font><img
src=“http://www.indulgemagazine.com/promotions/coffee3.jpg” width=“145”
height=“122” alt=“coffee3.jpg (3875 bytes)” align=“left” hspace=“15”
vspace=“15”><font SIZE=“2”></p>
<t>So how can </font><font SIZE=“2” color="#000080">INDULGE</font><font
SIZE=“2”> assist in promoting your company and your products? In
this special promotion package it is truly geared to a “limited
promotional budget” in need of extensive product exposure. With the
placement of a 1/2 color advertisement, you’ll receive a full page color
editorial in the special November “Holiday Coffee” issue at no
charge. To effectively gain the attention and respect of the consumer you
must have a campaign with tremendous impact. To assist your company in
initiating such a campaign, we have devised a package with a full-page
color advertisement, in which you’ll receive a two-page color editorial
feature in the special “Holiday Coffee” issue at no charge.</p>
<u>The most fabulous part of our marketing offer is the nominal cost factor!
The promotion package of a 1/2 page color ad with the one full page color
editorial is only <strong><font color="#008E47">$1950.</font></strong>
Without this special invitation, to reserve 1 1/2 pages in </font><font
SIZE=“2” color="#000080">INDULGE</font><font SIZE=“2”> your company would
be billed $9450 for this same placement.</p>
<v>For the full page color advertisement with a two page color editorial
feature, the special invitation is only<strong><font color="#008E47">
$2950</font></strong>. Without this special invitation, reserving 3 pages
in<font color="#000080"> </font></font><font SIZE=“2”
color="#000080">INDULGE</font><font SIZE=“2”> your company would be
billed $16,500 for this same placement.</p>
<w>Since we have a just a few editorial pages remaining, once these are gone
this will conclude our fabulous marketing offer. If you would like to
take part, please contact me immediately to reserve your special
promotion feature package.</font></p> <p align=“left”><font
SIZE=“2”>Regards,</font></p> <p align=“left”><font SIZE=“2”>Cynthia
Kennedy &nbs-
p; &nbs-
p; &nbs-
p; </font></p>
<x><font SIZE=“2”> Director Of Marketing</font></p>
<y><font size=“3” color="#000080"><strong> 800 / 883 / 0242 ext
<z><font size=“3” color="#000080"><strong> </strong></font></p>
<z><font color="#000000"><font size=“1”>We received your name with
regards to beer. If you has received this in error simply reply with
“REMOVE”. We honor all requests to be removed.
</font><small><small>This e-mail is in compliance with Bill 301. Thank
<z> </td> </tr> <tr> <td align=“right” valign=“top” width=“7%”
height=“191”></td> <td align=“right” valign=“top” width=“36%”
height=“191” bgcolor="#FFFFFF"><p align=“center”><font size=“2”
face=“Arial” color="#FFFFFF"><br> Duis autem dolor in hendrerit in
vulputate velit esse molestie cons<img
width=“142” height=“111” alt=“coffee-beans.JPG (6963
bytes)”>equ</font><font size=“2” face=“Arial” color="#000000">
</font><font face=“Arial” color="#000000"
This page was created by Web Marketing.</font></p> <p
align=“center”><font size=“2” face=“Arial” color="#800000">Increase your
web marketing results <u><strong>by over 30%</strong></u> using our
specialized software. For more info contact us at
web_marketing@mailandnews.com</font></td> </tr> <tr> <td align=“right”
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